Ketchup Is For Beginners: 5 Ways To Dress Up Your French Fries

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Fried potato is the perfect blank slate.

Nothing speaks perfection like a well-fried slice of potato. But these recipes elevate your favorite spud wedges to a whole new level.

Let's be honest, crispy potato perfection deserves more than sweetened tomato paste. Dress up your fries with these recipes:

1. Kimchi French Fries

Mmmmm savory and spicy. Don't forget a fresh squeeze of lime!

Recipe here

2. Taco Fries

Um....french fries + taco toppings? HELL YES!

Recipe here

3. Buffalo Chicken Fries

This is meant to go with a cold beer.

Recipe here

4. Tikka Masala Poutine

Guys... This one requires a little more elbow grease to make. But it is SO. WORTH. IT.

Recipe here

5. Pulled Pork Fries

BBQ pulled pork + french fries + cheese....a marriage that took too long to happen.

Recipe here

My one true love might be french fries y'all.

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