How To Separate Egg Whites Like A Champ

Fret over yolks no more!

The Traditional Method

  1. Crack the egg carefully. Target the middle of the egg if possible, so you have two equal sides.
  2. Over a bowl, slowly pull the two halves apart, using your fingers to help break along the crack as needed. Don't pull it fully apart yet!
  3. Tilt the egg, so the bottom half is tilted down. Allow the yolk to fall into the bottom half of the shell.
  4. Transfer the yolk back and forth between the two shell halves, allowing the white to drip into the bowl.
  5. Ditch the yolk in another bowl.

Pro tip: Use three bowls. One for finished egg whites, one for yolks, and one "working" bowl to drip the egg whites into. Sometimes, a yolk will break and run into the egg whites, or you might get a piece of shell in the bowl. Regardless, a "working" bowl will provide some insurance for all your hard work.

Hack It

  1. Crack the egg directly into a shallow bowl or plate.
  2. Using an empty water bottle or one of these gadgets, squeeze to remove some air.
  3. Place the mouth of the bottle or gadget on top of the egg yolk and slowly release your grip. The yolk should slurp into the bottle, leaving the white behind.
  4. Ditch your yolk in another bowl. (Again, use the "working" bowl method, and put your freshly separated whites into another bowl, to prevent any runny yolks from ruining your work.)

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