Hack Your Greens To Keep Them Fresh


Fresh and crisp > soggy and droopy.

Let's be real, keeping lettuce fresh and crispy feels like an impossible task. So it's just easier to pretend salads aren't an option right? Wrong. It's super easy to keep your greens green and crunchy for longer.

The Culprit: Water


Moisture + lettuce = wilted greens. Keeping condensation and build-up of water at bay will stall the wilting process and keep your greens crisper for longer.

1. Spin Your Greens


Clean greens are essential. For all lettuces except iceberg, you'll want to rinse the separate leaves to remove all the dirt and grossness. Shake them off to remove most of the water and toss them into a salad spinner. (If you don't own one, you should...it makes like so much easier.) When you have a full spinner, but not too packed, spin your leaves to remove most of the moisture.

If you have iceberg lettuce, remove the outermost leaves and rinse the whole head in one piece. Shake to remove most of the water and pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Paper Towels Are Your Friend


Wrapping the greens loosely in paper towels, once they've been well dried, will help absorb any extra moisture that may try to threaten the freshness of your lettuce.

3. Contain Your Leaves


You have two options here: a large plastic zip-top bag or a plastic container. If using a bag, wrap your greens in paper towels and place in a bag. Make sure to remove all the air before zipping it up. If using a container, make sure you have one large enough where the lettuce isn't too tightly packed (bruised lettuce is no one's friend). Line the container with paper towels, add your lettuce, and top with another paper towel before sealing.

If you're working with iceberg, wrap the whole head in a paper towel and store in a large zip-top bag.


Enjoy your crisp, green lettuce, anyway you choose.

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