BBQ 101: The 6 Best Barbecue Sauces You Need To Taste To Believe

bbq sauce

Kitchen Commandment: Thou shalt know thy sauce.

As a girl from NC, I will argue that Eastern NC vinegar-based sauce is THE BEST until the day. I. die. But that doesn't mean the others aren't tasty. Variety is the spice of life, right? Check out these barbecue sauces and expand your BBQ talents.

1. Eastern NC Vinegar Sauce

Okay guys. If you've never had any of this, I need you to drop everything immediately and remedy the situation. Typically served on pulled pork, this light sauce really lets the meat shine while providing a tangy sweetness with a little kick. (I mean, you've spent all day smoking a whole hog for the pig pickin', you wouldn't want to cover up the star of the show with some heavy ketchup nonsense, now would you?)

I own this shirt. I mean, this stuff is serious down here.

2. Western NC Tomato-Based Sauce

Some people in this world think that you can upgrade the Eastern Vinegar sauce with a squirt of ketchup. While I am not one of those people, this stuff is definitely tasty if you're looking for something sweeter. Also really good mixed into slaw.

3. Carolina Gold

Now, skip down to SC for a real treat. This one, in my opinion, gives the Eastern NC sauce a run for it's money. This sauce is mustard based and mixed with vinegar and spices. (Maybe I just really like vinegar?) Anyway, this stuff is so good on pulled pork, chicken, a brick. You name it.

4. Alabama White Sauce

I don't feel like this sauce gets enough credit. Surprise, it involves vinegar. But instead of mustard or guessed it, mayo provides the base! Creamy and full of black pepper, you're going to love this on chicken. Or just, you know, on everything.

5. Texas-Style

Typically applied with a literal mop, this stuff acts as a tangy glaze (Texans like their BBQ of the beef variety, rather than pork, traditionally). Texas-style is usually vinegar+spices+Worcestershire+brown sugar+beef stock. The definition of finger-licking good.

6. Kansas City Style

Close your eyes and imagine a rack of ribs on a grill, smothered in BBQ sauce. You're probably imagining Kansas style sauce. This is what most people imagine when talking about BBQ sauce. At it's base, you'll find ketchup, molasses, Worcestershire, vinegar, spices, and likely some liquid smoke. NOM

Me too girl. Me too...

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