7 Things An Allstar Pantry Should Always Have


Keeping these kitchen staples stocked = easy home cooking.



These cook super fast and offer variety and versatility in the kitchen. Plus, they're both an excellent source of protein-- ~8 grams per cup of quinoa, ~5 grams per cup of cooked brown rice.


Dried Pasta

In a pinch, pasta is a quick and filling meal.


Canned Tomatoes

A great base for pasta sauce, chili, and many soups.


Peanut Butter (or your personal favorite nut butter)

Can be used in sandwiches and many sauces/marinades (think pad thai). But also just great smeared on an apple slice or licked straight out of a spoon for a quick snack.


Canned Beans

Oh beans, how I love thee. Shall I count the ways? These are a great addition to many stew, soups, and chilis. Beans are a great based for a tasty, healthy dip. Roasted chick peas are a great snack or salad topper. You can also dress them up with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon for a great dinner side-dish.



Broth is so damn useful. It is often the base for many sauces and soups. It can be used to de-glaze a pan and garner all of that tasty goodness that often goes to waste on the bottoms of many pans. I often like to use it when a recipe calls for water--so much more flavor!!


Canned Tuna

Mix it with mayo and seasonings for a quick tuna salad sandwich, spread it over bread with a slice of swiss for a quick tuna melt, or add it on top of salads!

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