5 Foodie Resolutions To Make For 2018


Forget dieting or going to the gym. Happy taste buds are the starting point for an excellent year.

1. Cook Dishes That Intimidate You


Cooking is an adventure, and one that can pay off in seriously tasty ways. But it can also be scary to tackle a tough recipe. But Julia Child didn't become Julia Child overnight. Just like anything, one only gets better through practice.

Can't stop thinking about that Parmesan risotto you had at dinner last night? Then take to Google, search for a recipe (like this one), and give it a try! The worst that could happen? You have takeout that night instead.

What's on my list? Linguine and clams and scratch-made red velvet cake.

2. Try New Wines


There are so many wines to try and by sticking only with your favorites, you're doing yourself (and your taste buds) a disservice. Whether a novice wine drinker or a seasoned wine-o with many bottles under your belt, it's easy to be nervous about switching things up. But fear not, there are many resources available to help you on your quest!

Check out this article as a starting point.

3. Actually Make Breakfast


Breakfast is the fuel you need (other than coffee) to get your day going. But if you're like me, you're lucky to remember to grab a granola bar as you rush out of the door at the last possible second.

If you want to start waking up a little earlier and making something every morning, there are a few quick and wholesome breakfasts that you can make in under ten minutes. To get started, why not try the perfect poached egg on avocado toast?

If waking up earlier doesn't mesh with your needs (the snooze button is my best friend), there are lots of make-ahead breakfasts that you can grab instead of that granola bar.

Give breakfast a chance! Your body will thank you!

4. Increase Your Go-To "Weeknight Meal" Menu


It's easy to get stuck in a weeknight rut, eating the same things over and over. Or maybe you haven't even found a consistent cycle of food and tend to eat out or eat things that are convenient, but less than healthy.

Treat yourself and learn a few simple go-to recipes that will satiate your hunger, keep you healthy, and provide some culinary variety!

Get started with one of these:

Maple Dijon Chicken

Upgrade your Taco Tuesday

One Pan Spicy Lemon Chicken Pasta

5. Actually Pack Your Own Lunch


Grabbing greasy fast food or nuking a microwave meal is a sure-fire way to lose your productive workday inertia. Opt instead for a wholesome homemade lunch that will give you the boost you need to finish the day!

Meal prepping is a great way to have ready-to-grab lunches in the morning. With a few make-ahead recipes and a handful of tips and tricks to keeping things fresh, and you'll never have to eat a Lean Cuisine again.

Get started with these rotisserie chicken meals!

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