5 Cocktails With 5 Ingredients or Less


Making drinks is an art and can be a lot of fun. But when I see a recipe that has 20 ingredients, half of which I've never even heard of, it can be a big turn off (and then I just pour myself a big glass of red wine.). But cocktails don't have to be complicated to be delicious and fancy. Try one of these below and bring out your inner bartender.

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Cardio and cocktails. Perfect. I love efficiency.

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1. Whiskey Lemonade

Mmmm this one tastes like a Southern summer evening. The honey simple syrup balances out the tart lemon and kick from the whiskey and the club soda adds some nice bubblage (and we all know about my obsession with bubbles.)

2 tablespoons whiskey (I like Maker's Mark) juice of two fresh lemons club soda honey simple syrup sweetened lime juice

In a medium size glass combine 2 tablespoons whiskey, juice of two fresh lemons, ice then fill the rest of the glass with club soda. Add honey simple syrup to taste. If you're not a big fan of honey use regular simple syrup. Add a splash of sweetened lime juice and garnish with a fresh lemon.

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To make honey simple syrup:
(Which is good in tea, coffee, stirred into oatmeal or plain yogurt...)
Simmer 1 part honey and 1 part honey for 20 minutes or until the honey has completely dissolved into the water.
See here for their full post and other flavored syrup ideas!

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2. Spiked Strawberry Spritzer

Hold on to your hats ladies...this cocktail uses LaCroix!!! And berry-flavored vodka?! Holy smokes.

1-2 shots of Cupcake Very Berry Vodka
1 can of LaCroix Cúrate Pomme Bayá (apple berry)
Fresh strawberries

Add chilled vodka to tall cocktail glass with ice.
Pour in the can of LaCroix.
Add as many slices of fresh strawberries that you can!
Stir. Drink. Repeat.

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3. Paloma

Everybody who's anybody in Mexico orders a Paloma. This is Mexico's most popular tequila drink (no, it's not the Marg or a Tequila Sunrise) and it's no wonder why. So refreshing, it's great on a hot summer day or with spicy food.

1 1/2 shots of reposado tequila (or any good quality blanco)
juice of half a ruby grape fruit
1/2 shot of agave syrup or sugar syrup
about 75ml club soda
a squirt of fresh lime juice (optional)

Mix the grapefruit juice, tequila and sugar syrup until well mixed.
Pour over a tall glass filled with ice and top up with soda water. You could add a squirt of lime juice which is nice and I did, and you could also rim the glass with salt.

If you are wanting to reduce your sugar intake, simply leave the sugar out. Its less sweet but delicious still delicious.

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4. Sparking Pear-Prosecco Punch

Pretty in pink. Using pears, cranberry, and bubbles, this cocktail is a sure-fire win when you want to host your next book club or just treat yo self. And it's so damn easy to make, you might find yourself going back for seconds.

2 cups pear nectar
1 cup cranberry juice
3 cups prosecco or sparkling wine
Sliced pear, for garnish

Combine pear nectar and cranberry juice in a punch bowl (or in a pitcher, if you're making it for yourself/smaller crowd). Top with prosecco or sparkling wine.
Garnish with sliced pears and serve chilled.

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5. Mango-Orange Bellini

A bellini is Italy's answer to a mimosa. Invented in the famous Harry's Bar in Venice, it traditionally pairs prosecco and peach puree. This adaption uses mango and orange for a tropical twist that great at brunch, lunch, dinner, by the pool, on the couch...anytime, anywhere.

1 cup diced ripe mango, from ~1 mango
1 1/2 cups freshly squeeze orange juice, from ~3 oranges
1 bottle dry sparkling wine (like prosecco) for every 5 drinks, chilled
1 lime, cut into wedges


In a blender, combine mango and orange juice and blend on high speed until smooth, about 2 minutes. Place 2 tablespoons purée into each glass, fill with a small amount of sparkling wine to loosen purée, then fill glasses with sparkling wine. Serve with lime wedges.

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Excellent advice. And easy to follow with five ingredients or fewer.

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