15 Stocking Stuffers That Your Foodie Friends Will Love


Anyone who loves to cook will find these gifts practical and a little bit fun. Who knows? Maybe they'll have you over for dinner soon, and you can reap the benefits too.

1. "Nessie" Ladle


This fun little ladle will peek out from stews and soups, and will happily help serve once they're done!

2. Ceramic Vegetable Peeler


While a vegetable peeler doesn't sound like such an exciting gift, anyone who cooks often will love this ceramic one--it stays sharp forever.

3. Julienne Peeler


This gadget will allow your friends to hop on the Zoodle bandwagon without having to buy a bulky, dedicated contraption. This one doubles as a peeler!

4. Dishwasher Sign


Life's oldest question: Is the dishwasher clean or dirty? Take out the guesswork with a cute sign.

5. Egg Separator


No kitchen task is more annoying the separating egg yolks from the whites. Make the task easier (and more fun) with this cute little piggy

6. Silicone Spatula


Spatulas are a kitchen staple, but once you go silicone, you'll never go back. Try these.

7. Microplane


Zesting a lemon without a microplane? Forget about it. They can also be used to finely shred cheese or grab zest from whole spices, like nutmeg. Give this one a try.

8. Pasta Measure


Literally no one can eyeball proper portions of dry pasta. A pasta measure can prevent your friend from making enough to feed a horse.

9. Fruit and Veggie Keeper


Use this cute little guy to keep left over fruits and veggies out of this world fresh.

10. Pan Scrapers


Typically, giving cleaning-related gifts is a no-no, but these pot scrapers will literally save your friend's life the next time they burn something in their favorite pan.

11. Herb Scissors


Multi-blade herb scissors will save time when adding fresh chopped herbs to a meal. Less chopping=winning!

12. Drink Markers


Never accidentally sip someone's drink again with drink markers. They come in all sorts of fun variations, like these drinking buddies!

13. Pot Holders


Pot holders are a kitchen essential...but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! Give the foodie in your life a fun pair, like these crab claws

14. Avocado Super Tool


Who doesn't love avocado? I mean seriously, #bestthingever, but so difficult to prep. This avocado super tool makes things easier.

15. Pasta Straining


Straining pasta: so necessary yet so annoying. Take out some of the annoying factor with a clip on strainer.

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