10 Easy & Delicious Breakfast Smoothies To Start Your Day Off Right


The sugar crash from your Pop Tarts is so not worth it (despite what Lorelai Gilmore might tell you...).

So. I don't do mornings. Like....at all. So most of the time, I'm running out the door with nothing for breakfast or, if I'm lucky, maybe a granola bar. And then by 9AM I'm in raging hangry mode.

Then I got a Magic Bullet and my life changed. You can throw ingredients together the night before, pop the cup on the blender in the AM, and run to work, tasty, delicious breakfast in hand. These are some of my favorite go-tos.

1. Peach Green Tea Smoothie


I mean...does anything sound anything more like "Fresh Start To Your Day!"???

Recipe here.

2. Kiwi Banana Blueberry Smoothie


Tart from the kiwi, creamy from the banana, exciting from the quinoa puffs.

Recipe here.

3. Blueberry Muffin Smoothie


Wayyy fewer calories than a blueberry muffin, and wayyy more blueberries. #nom

Recipe here.

4. Skinny Coconut Coffee Smoothie


Comes with a side of caffeine kick!

Recipe here.

5. Cinnamon Roll Smoothie


Like dessert...for breakfast...without the guilt.

Recipe here.

6. Pineapple Orange Creamsicle Smoothie


A tropical twist on a childhood treat...that's so grown-up.

Recipe here.

7. Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie


Like a banana muffin you can drink!

Hmmm...that sounded better in my head...

Recipe here.

8. Ginger Peach Green Smoothie


The ginger will pack the zing you need to wake the F up.

Recipe here.

9. Minty Tropical Smoothie


Not only is it like drinking a tropical vacation...the mint doubles as a backup in case you forget to brush your teeth.

Recipe here.

10. Blueberry Avocado Banana Smoothie


Because no recipe list would be complete without some sort of avocado appearance. But seriously, this is tastyyyyy.

Recipe here.


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