Struggling With all of 2020's Baggage? Here Are Some Tips to Help

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Have a case of the 2020 blues? Try our helpful tips to re-vamp your mindset!

Struggling With all of 2020's Baggage? Here Are Some Tips to Help

Remember when we all thought COVID-19 would be a mere two-week hiatus away from work? Fast forward to the present time, on the cusp of election day, and here we still are.

With so much to be remembered, from TikTok to Tiger King, the year of 2020 has undeniably left so many of us with some hefty emotional baggage.

Read some of our helpful tips below about how YOU can practice some much-needed, everyday self-love. Allow your body the freedom to process the chaos that was this year. Embrace your journey, stay true to yourself and find the tools you need to begin to heal.

Practicing Joy

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Did you know that according to the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, people who are happy are actually less likely to develop the common cold? Crazy, right?

Our bodies are hard-wired for pleasure, for joy and for happiness. And this most recent year has shown us that life events can occur far beyond our control, often resulting in a dramatic shift of our overall happiness. That is why it is incredibly important to structure joy in our lives.

The fun part about practicing joy is that it's different for everyone! It can be whatever YOU need it to be. Some people receive instant boosts in personal joy every time they bake, or others receive joy in playing a specific sport. Now is as good a time as any, if you don't already know, to find out what brings you infinite joy - and jump to it!

Make Time for Your Mind - The Power of Mindfulness

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Our bodies and our minds are undeniably connected. Science has proven time and time again that peace of mind will result in a healthy, peaceful body - and vice versa. So with current events launching our everyday lives into a stressful environment, we MUST prioritize the health of our minds.

We are constantly being thrown information, not only from news outlets but social media channels as well. It is so easy to become depressed and overwhelmed by the state of our world when technology makes it so that we can literally "carry the weight of the world on our shoulders."

That is why we suggest practicing yoga, meditation or mindfulness in an effort to keep your mind at peace. Social media outlets have skyrocketed with available information on each of these activities. Find a "yoga guru" that you love and allow your body and mind to release. We also recommend practicing mindfulness techniques to help break up your day, especially when working from home.

Looking for more resources? Check out this article in Mindful that discusses the discoveries scientists are making by studying minds that meditate. The results are incredible!

The Catharsis of Connection

You know how when you watch a sad movie and cry, but it somehow feels kind of good? That's called catharsis. By empathizing with the characters and their story, you find similarities to your own. You see them struggle and you embrace YOUR struggle.

2020 has created distance in our relationships, for safety reasons, but it hasn't broken our bonds. Technology has made crossing oceans, states and even neighborhoods - all the more simple.

So to better manage the baggage that 2020 has left us, remember that connection with others is healing in and of itself. Take the time to connect with your loved ones (while honoring safety precautions, of course). Set a FaceTime date or organize a virtual group happy hour! Connecting with other people does not only give you an instant boost in serotonin, but sharing our experiences allows us to better process our own.

Why Health Really IS Your Wealth

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Countless studies have shown that exercise can drastically reduce stress levels, cholesterol, anxiety and even depression. By giving our bodies the time and space to move, break a sweat and release toxins - we heal. Exercise often gives our bodies the permission to release and process what we are experiencing.

So with 2020 maxing us out, remember to make time to exercise and bring your body to a place of equilibrium. And also remember, exercise can be FUN! Undertake activities that boost your joy and capitalize on your inner child. In fact, many fitness gurus on social media have advocated for the power of movement, similar to what we experienced as a child.

Fitness fads and body pressure, have forced us all to believe that fitness and exercise has to be hard and grueling. It doesn't! Children move with so much freedom all throughout the day using their bodies and burning calories galore. So why not adults? Get that body moving, and have fun while you are at it!

In the end... Respect, Reflect & Connect!

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It can be easy to get lost in all the how-to's and DIY's the internet has to offer. But remember, peace and overall wellness is whatever YOU need it to be for YOU. It's a unique journey, cultivated and crafted by your own experiences and your own needs.

So RESPECT what works for you, it could be exercise or reading a book. Practice joy and daily mindfulness to REFLECT on all that you have been through. And never forget the power of CONNECTION! We are truly so much stronger when we walk through life together.

So try out some of our helpful tips and see what works for YOU!