All Trick, No Treats... These Nurse Ratched Quotes are Pretty Wicked

"Nurse Ratched" via Netflix

Looking for some spooky inspo? Look no further!

All Trick, No Treats... These Nurse Ratched Quotes are Pretty Wicked

Netflix has given us countless characters that we both love to hate and hate to love. Nurse Mildred Ratched — is no exception. This new binge-worthy drama highlights one woman's journey, or trauma, as it drives her to unraveling and horrific ends.

It is also worth mentioning that Sarah Paulson, queen that she is, gives a breath-taking performance leaving you desperate for more. All hail those incredible acting chops!

These Nurse Ratched quotes will not only give you those sultry, spooky vibes of the Halloween season, but probably have you ready to stir up some creepy trouble of your own.

Nurse Ratched Quotes

"Nurse Ratched" via Netflix
  • "We had a saying in the Core, 'Save one life, and you’re a hero. Save 100 lives, well then, you’re a nurse.'"
  • "Do you believe the human mind can be cured?"
  • "I believe there are some things that are worse to feel than simply feeling nothing."
  • "He wasn’t born a monster. Somebody turned him into one."
  • "Search yourself and I think you’ll realize it would be wise to do what I ask."

The Best Nurse Ratched Quotes

"Nurse Ratched" via Netflix
  • "I wish we could get out of here and run through a moonlit field, laughing. Nobody telling us how we gotta live. We could be free from whatever you and I did in our past. We wouldn't have a past. Only the future stretching out ahead of us as far as we can see." (Dolly)
  • "I know how you feel right now...told that you're mad...when that's what's driving you mad"
  • "And when the time comes, we'll be sitting on a balcony... a hacienda on the beach, margaritas in hand. And I could just slip away, while the sun sets over the ocean." (Gwendolyn)

Nurse Ratched Quotes Cont.

"Nurse Ratched" via Netflix
  • "All I was guilty of, was showing these men mercy when no one else would."
  • "I don’t feel quite free from the past the way you might."
  • "I sent a man to do what was clearly a woman’s job." (Lenore)
  • "The car is ready, so follow the plan." (Dolly)

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