9 Surprising Signs That You've Found Your Best Friend For Life

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You'll be together forever if you've got this weirdness going on.

Friendship isn't always defined by "normal" things. Not best friendship, anyway.

You know that you've found your best friend for life when these utterly bizarre things start happening:

1. You owe each other so much money that you’re not even keeping track anymore.


If you paid for dinner, they're paying for drinks. If they need train fare, you'll spot them without even thinking about it.

2. You can make specific, embarrassing requests of each other.


Let's say you haven't mastered adjusting your bra strap. Who's going to help you out with that? Your best friend, that's who.

3. If you’re best friend is dating someone you think is trash, you’ll tell them, and they’ll do the same for you.


4. You’ve been mistaken for a couple before.


Honestly, though, it's no wonder. You walk down the street holding hands, you actually pretend to be a couple in order to ward off creeps, you're constantly buying each other gifts. At this point, you basically are platonic life partners.

5. You think nothing of stripping in front of them.

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You've seen each other in all stages of undress, so you basically have no shame.

6. You go through each other’s wardrobes.


Who else is going to tell you that that anime shirt that's three sizes too small needs to go? (And, if your bestie is three sizes smaller than you, you know they're taking it home.)

7. You know everything about each other, even the weird, embarrassing stuff.


They know that you screwed up your absentee ballot last election and didn't vote, even though you made a huge deal about how irresponsible it was not to. You know that their inexplicable obsession with CatDog is why they're specializing in conjoined twins when they get to med school. They know about that tattoo'd biker dude you can't stop hooking up with even though you don't particularly like him. You know everything, and you're not telling anyone, because that's what best friends do.

8. You constantly insult each other—but you know which sore spots to avoid.


Friends love teasing each other, but only best friends know that it's cool to razz you about your bad taste in men (you totally have that one under control) but not to make fun of the crooked teeth that got you bullied in middle school.

9. You learn to like things for each other’s sake.


Is your best friend really into superhero movies? Guess what, even if you don't like them, you're still watching at least their top 3 favorites. Does your friend share your passion for gardening? No, but they're still heading to the nursery with you to help pick out some new plants.

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