17 Thoughts All Women Have When Deciding Whether To Go To The Gym

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Finding an excuse not to go is an art.

To gym, or not to gym? That is the question.

Working up the energy to go to the gym is a workout in and of itself. No one actually likes going to the gym, right?

If you hate going to the gym, here are the hilarious excused you've probably told yourself at some point or another:

1. I can’t find my membership card, so I guess I’m staying home.


What do you mean look for it? Surely you jest.

2. I don’t need to go, I went two days ago.


Or was it weeks...?

3. My headphones are broken.


Sorry, not hitting the treadmill without my music.

4. If you think about it, I'm saving money by NOT going...


No, really, I lose more on transportation and protein shakes than I lose by not using the membership I paid for…

5. I didn’t get enough sleep last night


I definitely don't have enough energy for the gym. Yes, I know that sleep better tonight if I exercise. Your point?

6. I have so much other work to do.


Time is money, baby!

7. My gym clothes are dirty.


Just wear sweatpants? No way, Jose.

8. Um?? Leave the house with my phone on only 78% battery?? No??


What if I get an important text?

9. I can't work out, I had lunch three hours ago


I wouldn't want to get an upset stomach.

10. Just one more episode of Grey's Anatomy.


Then I'll go. Promise.

11. I love my body the way it is kthnx.


I'm not gonna let some stupid gym body shame me.

12. Though it would be cool to be able to out-benchpress my gym rat bestie.


Her abs are to die for.

13. And that one personal trainer IS pretty cute.


Can't get their number if I don't hit the gym, right?

14. And there is that new ice cream shop across the street from the gym...


It's...organic? I think? Whatever, it's ice cream.

15. All right, all right, I'm going...

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Now where are my sneakers??

16. But I just don't WANT to...

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I made a promise to MYSELF, but I know I'LL understand if I break it...

17. Okay, I won't go. But I'll *definitely* go tomorrow!


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