15 Thoughts You Have When Deciding To Take A Sick Day

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Wouldn't it be selfish of me NOT to call out?

So, you've woken up with a pounding headache, a sore throat, and what feels like an alien species camping out in your sinuses. You want nothing more than to just go back to sleep and maybe watch some bad TV, but unfortunately, you have a job. You could call out, but should you?

What thoughts go thoughts go through your head when you're deciding whether or not to call in sick?

1. Wouldn’t it be selfish of me not to call out?


I seriously doubt that anybody at work wants to be exposed to my germs.

2. Then again, what kind of wimp skips work over a cold?


I should be able to tough it out, right?

3. How many sick days do I even have left?


Shouldn't I save them for something more serious, like, I don't know, septic shock?

4. Do my sick days roll over into the next year?


Because if they don't, I should use them before I lose them.

5. Do I need a doctor's note?


I already know to drink more fluids, I'm not going to a doctor with my nonexistent health insurance to find that out.

6. Oh my god I don’t even want to move.


I just want to stay here and binge watch Netflix and drown in my own snot.

7. They can manage without me, right?


Plus, I was a good sport and didn't complain when I ended up doing twice my normal workload because my co-worker took a vacation. If they complain about me calling in, they're hypocrites.

8. I am literally about to sneeze myself into a coma.


I'm staying here.

9. Then again, if I don’t go in, I’ll fall behind on deadlines, and what if I’m sicker later?


Can I think of any more excuses to stay home because I definitely want to stay home.

10. What if they don’t believe me?


Do I sound sick enough? Should I pinch my nose closed while I'm leaving a message?

11. Who even got me sick in the first place?


Whoever it is, I'm going to metaphorically punch them in the face next time I see them.

12. Which is what my co-workers will do to me if I spread my plague everywhere.


I'm should REALLY stay home.

13. My bed is just so comfy… It appreciates me way more than my job does…


14. Oh, oh!! I should call out, and then use the day to catch up on laundry!!


That's smart, right?

15. Actually…actually no, I’m going to just lie here and die.


I have back episodes of Parks & Rec to watch, anyway.

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