16 Hysterical Fears All Women Have When Getting Their Hair Cut

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Getting your hair cut is more fraught with complications than one might guess.

Even if you like getting your hair cut, you have to admit, there's a lot to to worry about.

Here are the 16 hysterical fears all women have when getting their hair cut:

1. I cannot believe I have to shell out $50 + tip just to get my hair cut.


Why is this a requirement for looking presentable? Don't men have to pay less for this?

2. Honestly, I should just do this myself.

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Maybe it'll look like garbage, but at least I don't have to make an appointment.

3. What if the hair dresser doesn’t like me?


Will she give me a bad haircut intentionally if she doesn't like me?

4. Seriously, what are we even supposed to talk about?


The weather? Should I ask if she has kids? Can I compliment her tattoo? What do I say?

5. She’s asked me to stop moving like five times already.


I didn't even notice I was moving. Why can't I stop moving? What am I, five?

6. Should I even be getting this haircut? What if it makes my face look weird?


7. What if I’m just cutting my hair short because my ex liked it long?


Isn't that still letting them dictate my grooming choices? Maybe I should just keep it long…but they liked it long. What hairstyle did I actually want?

8. Getting bangs is a mistake.


I'm not going to wake up ten minutes early to straighten them every day. I'm going to sleep in, and they're going to flip up and look terrible. Is it too late to back out?

9. Does getting my hair dried afterward cost extra? How do I ask without looking cheap?


10. What if everyone says they thought it looked better before?


Why do I even care about that? What about what I think? What do I think?

11. What if it comes out looking terrible?


What kind of reviews did this lady get on Yelp? Does she actually know how to cut hair? What if this is her first time doing it? What if she makes me look like a juggalo?

12. What if she somehow psychically intuits that I’m doubting her?


Must. Think. Positive. Thoughts.

13. How do I explain that I don’t want to use the shampoo she’s recommending because it’s too expensive?


Seriously, $75 a bottle? You've got to be kidding me.

14. She’s probably already noticed that I have dandruff.


Head & Shoulders clearly isn't doing the job, so maybe I should get that shampoo…

15. What’s the appropriate amount to tip?


I don't remember. Would it be rude to pull out my phone and look it up during the haircut?

16. Actually it looks great?? I don’t even know what I was worried about. I'm cute AF.


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