14 Things That Go Through Your Head When Waiting For A Text From Your Crush

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I'm sure he's just REALLY busy...

You've been crushing hardcore on a cutie you met recently, and you've finally exchanged numbers. That was easier than you thought it would be, but here comes the hard part—waiting for them to actually text you. 

What thoughts keep you up at night while you're waiting on that text?

1. When was the last time I texted them?


Is it cool to text again? Or is that too clingy?

2. Is it stupid that I want them to text me first?


I want to know that they're thinking of me on their own, not just because I told them to.

3. If I have to do all the communication legwork right out of the gate, this relationship is not going to work out.


Me, too pessimistic? Never!

4. Maybe they’ve decided they hate me.


Sure, our recent interactions were totally pleasant, but maybe they saw that Tumblr-fight I got into ten years ago and decided I'm the devil?

5. Or maybe they got hit by a truck and they're in the hospital with all their limbs in traction.


That's why they haven't texted me. Then again, I'm sure their phone has voice control…

6. Could they possibly have been abducted by aliens?


7. Most likely, they’re just at work or something.


What was their work schedule again? Would it be weird to ask so early on in the love game?

8. Maybe their phone isn’t charged?


iPhones these days barely hold a charge for more than a couple of hours, and they play Pokemon Go, which is a total battery drain.

9. What if they’re talking to someone else?


Someone who is simultaneously hotter AND smarter than I am.

10. As if that’s possible. I’m flawless.


They just don't realize it yet.

11. I don’t even care if they text me or not.


If they don't care about me, I don't care about them.

12. I lied!! I care!! I care!!



13. Maybe they got bitten by a werewolf and now they’ll only be able to text me once the full moon is over.


That totally makes sense, right?

14. They texted back!! They texted back!! Now…what do I say?


What does it mean that they're not using punctuation? Does that mean they don't care about impressing me or that they're laid back and casual? TELL ME.

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