13 Thoughts All Women Struggle To Keep To Themselves When They Get Catcalled

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Literally no one likes getting catcalled. NO ONE.

Sadly, catcalling is something that happens to most women, sometimes on a daily basis. It's dehumanizing, threatening, rude, and annoying, but until we get our own planet or men learn some manners, it's reality.

What goes through your head when some loser is shouting vulgarities at you out of his car?

1. I’m wearing headphones and staring down at my Kindle. What makes you think I want to talk to you?


C'mon dude, what's your problem? Heck off.

2. I hope this creepy guy doesn’t literally murder me.


3. Should I tell him to screw off?


Or should I just nod and smile until he goes away?

4. How exactly am I supposed to respond to you?


You're yelling at me out of a car that's speeding away. Oh, now you're gone. Too bad. I was about to rip my clothes off and demand that you take me right here in the middle of the street.

5. This wouldn’t be happening if I had my boyfriend/dad/brother/dude friend with me.


Because cat callers only respect you if you're another man's property.

6. Is this my fault?


Maybe I should have just gone outside in my Pikachu pajama bottoms instead of putting on pants like a grown-up.

7. If I find out that my boyfriend/dad/brother/dude friend does this to women, I will metaphorically set him on fire.


Let him buuuuuurnnnn.

8. I mean…I guess it sort of means I’m…good-looking?


According to some weirdo whose opinion I don't care about…? Maybe it's a little validating.

9. Nope, not validating at all.


He just called me a bitch. Fuck this entire situation.

10. The first time this happened to me, I was eleven.


Adult men catcall eleven-year-old girls. This is the world we live in. Why is this the world we live in?

11. You called me beautiful, but the way you leered at me when you said it…


This is what I'll remember the next time someone I love calls me beautiful. Thank you for ruining that next moment for me.

12. I can’t wait to tell someone about this and have them tell me I should take it as a compliment.


13. Just. Fuck you. Fuck you entirely.

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