Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Quiz If You've Taught Elementary School

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Can you get an A+ on this test?

A quiz to see if you know words and things from being an elementary teacher. Things only an elementary teacher would know

 Sep 21, 2016
1 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Which is NOT a “sight word”?
2 of 10Choose the correct answer!
How old is a typical 2nd grader?
3 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Kids learn through “phonics”, which is ___.
reading the same book over and over again
correlating sounds with letters in an alphabet
when kids are asked to read a lot until they learn more words
4 of 10Choose the correct answer!
“Reduced lunch” means ___.
a lunch with less calories
a meal is cheaper because it’s subsidized by the government
a smaller lunch portion than normal
5 of 10Choose the correct answer!
“Section 504” is important because it is a __.
law that says schools can't discriminate against people with disabilities
part of the school where there is supervision
corner of a classroom for kids to get punished at
6 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What is a “simulation”?
When people come into the class to give massages
Activities with real-life problem-solving situations
Playing games to relieve stress
7 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Teachers use “realia” to help them teach. What is that?
An 3D teaching simulation
An answer key from the government
Three-dimensional objects used for instruction
8 of 10Choose the correct answer!
A teacher who enjoys teaching “specials” enjoys what?
Holidays when no students come to class
The teacher’s favorite students
Classes usually designated as nonacademic, like music and P.E.
9 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What do kids with “ADHD” have difficulty with?
Socializing with people and talking
Sustaining attention, focusing on information, and being extremely hyper
Eating and going to the bathroom by themselves
10 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What is “probing”?
Picking on children
A series of statements/questions to help students elaborate their answers
Punishing kids for not behaving
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