Quiz: You Know You're From LA If You Can Pronounce These Street Names

Are you from Los An-ge-liss?

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 Jun 21, 2018
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Question: 1/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

La Cienega
Lah See-en-nuh-gah
Lah Sen-NAY-ga
Lah Chi-en-nee-guh

Question: 2/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

Cañon Drive
Can-YOHN-ey Drive
CAN-yon Drive
Cannon Drive

Question: 3/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

San Pedro
San PID-Row
San PEED-row
San PED-row

Question: 4/16Choose the correct pronunciation!


Question: 5/16Choose the correct pronunciation!


Question: 6/16Choose the correct pronunciation!


Question: 7/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

Los Feliz
Los Fee-lus
Los Fel-LEZ

Question: 8/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

El Segundo
El Se-GUN-doe
El Se-JOON-doe
El SEE-goon-doo

Question: 9/16Choose the correct pronunciation!


Question: 10/16Choose the correct pronunciation!


Question: 11/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

San Pedro

Question: 12/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

La Brea
Luh Bray-yuh
Luh Bree-yuh
Luh Bruh

Question: 13/16Choose the correct pronunciation!


Question: 14/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

Rodeo Drive
Ro-DEE-yo Drive
Roe-DAY-yo Drive
ROE-dee-yo Drive

Question: 15/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

Van Nuys
Van Nooz
Van Noo-weez
Van Nyes

Question: 16/16Choose the correct pronunciation!

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Are you from the City of angels? The beautiful city of Los Angeles? Are you an LA local, or just a California tourist? Either way, these Los Angeles street names are extremely tricky to pronounce. You can always tell the tourists apart from the Los Angeles locals because the locals are the only ones who can correctly pronounce these difficult street names. Slang and local language and pronunciation is a huge part of a persons identity in terms of where they live.

Different areas always tend to have different ways that they pronounce things. For example, pronunciation in the Midwest is very different than all of the other places in the United States. Los Angeles is one of these places that has a specific way of pronouncing things, most specifically this is true in terms of street names.

Los Angeles is notorious for having some of the most hard to pronounce street names in all of the land. Are you LA enough to know how to correctly say the names of all of these main Los Angeles streets? Take this quiz to find out! Even if you do not pass, you always have the option to try again so do not fret!

This fun pronunciation quiz will ask you to determine the correct way to say a bunch of main streets that run through the city of Los Angeles. Some of the streets that are included in these questions are the following: Sepulveda, Los Feliz, El Segundo, Pico, Doheny, San Pedro, Wilshire, La Brea, Rodeo Drive, Van Nuys, Cahuenga, and more!

If you have been to Los Angeles, have lived in Los Angeles, or have gone on vacation in Los Angeles, or ever just seen Los Angeles on TV shows or movies, chances are you recognize at least one of these names. A true local takes these streets every single day. These are some of the main streets that pass through Los Angeles, how many of them can you pronounce?

Going to a new place and pronouncing everything wrong can be embarrassing, especially in a city like Los Angeles, where every one seems super cool. Don’t worry, you will get the hang of pronunciation eventually, you can always look it up online! Hopefully this quiz will teach you a thing or two about how to pronounce these Los Angeles Street names! Are you up to the challenge? You can always try again if you do not pass on the first time. If you want, after you finish the quiz you can share it with all of your friends who are from or have been to Los Angeles as well! You will totally impress all of your friends with all of your Los Angeles street knowledge! You'll be considered a California local in no time just you wait and see!

If you are traveling to Los Angeles this quiz could also be helpful for you because it teaches you the correct way to say a bunch of the main most widely used roads in Los Angeles. You are guaranteed to take at least one of these roads at least once if you are in LA so might as well get to learning how to say them now! Best of luck!