Quiz: How Well Do You Know Bridgeport, CT Slang?

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Let’s do this, “nutmegger”!

A quiz to see how well you know Bridgeport, Connecticut slang. Words and things people from Bridgeport say.

 Aug 31, 2016
1 of 10Pick an answer!
When someone gets caught “beatin’ up”, it means ____:
they’re caught cheating
they’re caught harming someone
they’re caught lying
2 of 10Pick An Answer!
What is Bridgeport known for?
Abandoned buildings, wild dogs, and shattered glass
Hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches
Tobacco, fruits, and vegetables
3 of 10Pick an answer!
Who are the “Soundtigers”?
Bridgeport’s ice hockey team
The mascot of one of Bridgeport’s high schools
The tigers you see at the zoo
4 of 10Pick An Answer!
Bridgeport is also known as ___.
The Park City
The Crazy Town
The Bridge Town
5 of 10Pick An Answer!
"What’s up brazzle” means ___.
what’s up brother
what’s up son
what’s up friend
6 of 10Pick An Answer!
The “Huskies” refer to ___.
UCONN’s sports teams
people who complain a lot
wild animals that go into the city
7 of 10Pick An Answer!
People in Connecticut are known as ___.
8 of 10Pick An Answer!
Which area code is NOT a Bridgeport area code?
9 of 10Pick An Answer!
“Wah-say homie" means ____.
stop homie
what’s up homie
come here homie
10 of 10Pick An Answer!
When you’re “hanging” someone, it means ___.
you’re disrespecting them
you’re talking about them in a funny manner
you’re complimenting them
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