Quiz: How Many Greek Words Do You Actually Know?


Let’s see if you can get some “kudos” for this Greek words test!

A quiz to see how many Greek words you know. My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie, John Stamos, Rita Wilson

 Mar 29, 2017
1 of 10Choose the correct answer!
“Eureka” is translated to ___
I have found!
how terrible!
I missed!
2 of 10Choose the correct answer!
“Anemia” is a type of ___.
3 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Which is NOT a synonym of “ethos”?
4 of 10Choose the correct answer!
You have a “plethora” when you ____.
go beyond what is needed or appropriate
don’t have enough of something
lose everything you have gained in a short period of time
5 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What is NOT a definition of “anathema”?
A formal ban, curse, or excommunication
Someone or something extremely negative
Wild animals that are dangerous
6 of 10Choose the correct answer!
“Dogma” refers to the _______ held by a religion, ideology, or organization.
belief or set of principles
type of people
7 of 10Choose the correct answer!
If “polis” means city, what does “acropolis” refer to?
Extremely big cities
Towns with a lot of criminals
Cities that were built with security purposes in mind
8 of 10Choose the correct answer!
People can you give you “kudos”, which means ___.
food or drink
fame or glory
9 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Rome reached the “acme” of its power on 117 AD. Acme means ___.
the ending
the peak or zenith of something
10 of 10Choose the correct answer!
“Agora” is a place you could see people at, what is it?
A family reunion
An amusement park
Any type of open assembly or congregation
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