Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions Every Iowan Should Be Able To Answer?



A quiz to see how much you know about things, places, sayings, and words from Iowa. Places to go in Iowa.

 Sep 22, 2016
1 of 13Pick the correct answer!
You can find statues made of butter at ____.
Iowa State Football Games
the Iowa State Fair
a grocery store
2 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Des Moines’ amusement park is called ___.
Knott’s Berry Farm
3 of 13Pick the correct answer!
The best ice cream comes from ___.
Blue Bunny
4 of 13Pick the correct answer!
A “loose-meat” sandwich is similar to a ___.
sloppy joe
pastrami sandwich
5 of 13Pick the correct answer!
“Maid-Rite” is known for having delicious ____.
chocolate bars
6 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Which is the most important football game?
Iowa vs. Iowa State
Iowa State vs. San Jose State
Texas Tech vs. Iowa State
7 of 13Pick the correct answer!
Who are the “Cyclones”?
People who farm in Iowa
Snowboarders in Iowa
Iowa State University’s mascot
8 of 13Pick the correct answer!
“Hy-Vee” is especially known for these two things:
their croc selection and peanut bar
AE Dip and the unlimited Bloody Mary's at the bar
the Christmas decorations and apple cider
9 of 13Pick the correct answer!
“Sterzing” is a brand of ____.
potato chips
10 of 13Pick the correct answer!
You love a good “scotcheroo”, which is made of ___.
scotch and cream
peanut butter, rice krispies, and chocolate
peanut butter and celery
11 of 13True or False?
Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is the largest bike touring event in the world.
12 of 13Pick the correct answer!
What is the state bird?
American goldfinch
Northern mockingbird
13 of 13Pick the correct answer!
University of Northern Iowa has ____ as a mascot.
a panther
a peacock
a dinosaur
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