Only A True New Englander Can Get Everything Right On This Food Test

SC, amy poehler

Can you name all these New England foods?

A quiz to see how much you know about about foods from New England. Can you tell what kind of food this is?

 Jan 24, 2018
1 of 15What food is this?
dinner, meal, fish, healthy, diet
2 of 15What food is this?
dunkin donuts, food
Girls Be Trippin
Dunkin Donuts Coffee
Teavana Chai Tea
Jamba Juice Smoothie
3 of 15What food is this?
Apple Pie
Nutella Cake
Boston Creme Pie
4 of 15What food is this?
Rice & beans
Chimmichurri beans
Baked beans
5 of 15What food is this?
Miracle Whip
6 of 15What food is this?
stuffies, stuffed clams, seafood, food, new england
Fried mushrooms
Baked mac and cheese
Stuffed clams
7 of 15What food is this?
hoodie cup, ice cream, new england, dessert, sweets, food
Creamy cups
Swirl cups
Hoodsie cups
8 of 15What food is this?
clam bake, seafood, new england, food
Seafood linguine
Clam bake
9 of 15What food is this?
fluffernutter, peanut butter marshmallow sandwich, snack, food
Mayo sandwich
Grilled cheese
10 of 15What food is this?
necco wafers, candy, sweets
NECCO wafers
11 of 15What food is this?
hermit bars, snack, food, new england
Chocolate chip cookies
Hermit bars
12 of 15What food is this?
whoopie pie, dessert, new england, food & drinks
Whoopie pies
Ice cream sandwiches
13 of 15What food is this?
boston creme pie, dessert, new england
Vanilla pudding pie
Custard cake
Boston creme pie
14 of 15What food is this?
clam chowder, new england, food & drinks
Cheesy potato soup
White bean soup
Clam chowder
15 of 15What food is this?
lobster roll, new england, food & drinks
Lobster roll
Clam roll
Crab roll
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