10 Lines That Should Not Work On You

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“You’re the only one I’m talking to.”

We've all had our fair share of one-liners that seem momentarily endearing (I mean, he tried, right?) and then there are the ones that leave us asking, "Does he really think I'm brain-dead?" Here is a short-list of one-liners that should never work on you. ever.

“You know, I didn’t even think about having sex with you on our first date.”


Pssht. Men typically don’t go on dates with people they’re not attracted to and it's not a crime to think about getting-down with someone you’re attracted to or considering dating. So can we just be honest about this one here?

“Why am I always with Jessica? Baby, that’s my best friend. I’m not having sex with her. I promise.”


There is nothing wrong with two people of the opposite sex hanging out while in a relationship. But if it’s frequent, like everyday frequent, then it's questionable. If your intuition makes you feel like this “friendship” is a little more than platonic, it probably is.

“I know it’s late, but I just want to talk. I won’t try to have sex with you.”


Let’s be real here. If this man is straight, he’s going to make at least ONE move. Someone who wants to just talk or hang out can take you out for lunch or coffee, not into his bedroom in the wee hours.

“I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you.”


Says the guy who you just met. Can we talk about red flags here?

“You’re the one, babe.”


Then…..where’s the ring?

“I can give you anything you want in the world.”


Who are you...Jesus? That’s just someone trying to sweet talk you into getting back with him, or getting you to his bedroom.

“You’re the only one I’m talking to.”


If he doesn’t call you his girlfriend yet, it’s unlikely you’re the ONLY person he’s talking to.

“It’s just social media. Me liking all her pictures doesn't mean anything”


Then...why do you do it? And why is it so hard to just not do it?

"Baby, you know I love you. How could you ever doubt my love for you and how much I care for you?"


Hmm. Maybe because you’re giving me a reason to. Women typically don’t doubt out of nowhere. Maybe he’s cheated, lied, got caught flirting with other people, or the things he’s said just don’t add up half the time. Men know that “I love you” is like a psychological aphrodisiac for a lot of women.

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before”


Well that’s...unfortunate.

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