Spirituality Quiz: Which Religion (If Any) Aligns Closest To Your Beliefs?

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Find out your true spirituality and moral character by answering these gripping questions about beliefs and morality! Are you ready for the truth?

 Sep 09, 2018
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In your weekly one-on-one meeting with your boss, she gives you credit for work you didn't do.
Take it. No one will ever find out.
Compliment the person who deserves credit for something else.
Tell her who really deserves the credit.
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You find an item at a garage sale that's being sold way less than it's value.
Snag the deal before the owner realizes it.
Only bring it up if you're planning to buy the item.
Tell the owner.
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What would you do if you see someone packing food at a buffet restaurant?
They paid for the food, so they're not technically stealing.
Make eye contact with the customer.
Tell a server.
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You catch your friend's fiancee flirting with your coworker.
Casually bring up the fact that you're excited for his wedding.
Take him aside, and tell him to stop.
Give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's just being friendly.
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What would you do if you catch your classmate copying your test answers?
Cover your answers discreetly.
Let them copy. They'll owe you one next time.
Tell them to stop.
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You find a clearance sticker barely hanging on a tag. What do you do?
Take the sticker and put it on one of your items
Properly attach the sticker to the tag
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You overhear a cashier being openly discriminatory towards a customer. What do you do?
Interfere immediately. No ones deserves to be spoken to in that manner.
Walk away. Let them handle their business.
Assess the situation first, and let a manager know.
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You find a disabled parking pass that doesn't expire for another 2 months. What do you do?
Turn it into the DMV.
Use it!
Leave it.
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Your friend backs into a parked car by accident and hurriedly drives off. What do you do?
Tell her to stop and wait for the owner to return to report the issue.
Tell her to at least leave a note.
Nothing. It's her conscience.
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You catch your friend's boyfriend cheating with another woman. What do you do?
Confront the boyfriend and demand that he tells your friend
Tell your friend
Do nothing. You don't want to meddle in their personal affairs.
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You've been reviewing for your Statistics final, and you don't feel ready. You come across the final exam questions by accident. What do you do?
Study the exam and share it with your close friends in class
Walk away
Study the exam
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You see a toddler at your local grocery market, and he puts candy in his pocket. What do you do?
Tell his parent
Pretend like you didn't see anything. He's just a child!
Tell the store clerk
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The gas pump is mistakenly dispensing gas at 5 cents a gallon. What do you do?
Tell the gas station attendant right away
Find another gas station
Get the gas and say nothing about it
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A man robs a bank, but donates the money to an orphanage. What would you do?
Call the police, and report the man.
Try to track the man down and talk to him
Do nothing
15 of 20Choose Your Answer:
You see an old woman crossing the street. What do you do?
Walk behind her in case she may need assistance
Offer her assistance
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You see a $100 dollar bill on the floor. What do you do?
Ask around first, and if no one claims it, keep it.
Report it to the lost and found department
Keep it. Finders keepers!
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Of the ones listed, what's the worse crime you've ever committed?
Cheating on an exam
I've never committed any of these crimes
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Is it justifiable to steal food to feed your starving children?
Absolutely not
Depends on the situation
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You're asked to donate to one of the following. Which one would you choose?
Feeding the hungry
American Heart Association
Pet Rescue
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When making decisions, you often lead with your _____.
Varies from situation to situation
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