Quiz: Which K-Drama Series Represents Your Life?

If your life were a Korean drama, which one would it be?

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 Jul 08, 2018
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Question: 1/26Pick your answer!

What do you think is the worst thing you’ve ever done?
I've cheated on my partner
I've skipped school/work
I've lied to someone

Question: 2/26Pick your answer!

Who are you in your friend group?
The unapologetic lush
The leader
The "mom," I make sure everyone is okay

Question: 3/26Pick your answer!

Which app do you use most on your phone?
A game
Dating apps

Question: 4/26Pick your answer!

Do you ever get into fights?
Only if it's really necessary
I may get in a verbal disagreement now and then
I don't fight, maybe I might argue...

Question: 5/26Pick your answer!

How do you end your weekend?
I am still on my couch
Maybe a little hungover
Usually by kicking someone out of my bed

Question: 6/26Pick your answer!

How do you start your weekend?
A couple of drinks, some dancing
I figure out which movies I'm going to Netflix
Way too many drinks with my friends

Question: 7/26Pick your answer!

What were you criticized for when you were younger?
Overly sensitive, moody
Argumentative, bossy
Disruptive, uncommitted, and/or disorganized
Directionless, unenthusiastic

Question: 8/26Pick your answer!

Your best friend is in trouble, how do you act?
Nonjudgmental, optimistic
Concerned, empathetic, and loyal regardless of the problem.
Supportive, patient, and a good listener
Protective, resourceful, and recommending of solutions

Question: 9/26Pick your answer!

What word would you use to describe yourself?

Question: 10/26Pick your answer!

What's your living situation?
I live with roommates/on my own
I live with my family
I live with my significant other
I live at home

Question: 11/26Pick your answer!

How do you feel about your career?
What am I doing with my life??
I have a job that I'm not happy with
There's room for growth, but I'm in the right career
I think I'm on the right track

Question: 12/26Pick your answer!

What word describes your approach to life?

Question: 13/26Pick your answer!

How do you feel about kids?
I don't think I ever want kids
I want kids one day, but my life isn't ready for them yet
I have kids
I want kids soon or already have them

Question: 14/26Pick your answer!

What's your love life look like?
I'm dating someone, it's serious
I'm with the love of my life
I'm dating around
I'm very single

Question: 15/26Pick your answer!

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
These old bones of mine may creak, but I'm ready
Ready to go
Tired, let me go back to sleep
It depends what time I went to bed last night

Question: 16/26Pick your answer!

What's your biggest worry right now?
My health
My lack of a savings account
My personal life
My lack of a career

Question: 17/26Pick your answer!

Does it take a lot to scare you?
No, I get scared very easily
Yes, I never get scared
It takes a lot, but I don't like being scared

Question: 18/26Pick your answer!

What does your dream house look like?
Modern with a nice view
Cosy and isolated
Huge and extravagant

Question: 19/26Pick your answer!

Do you believe in soulmates?
Definitely not
I'm not sure
Of course I do

Question: 20/26Pick your answer!

Would you like to star in your own movie?
Not star, but I'd like to appear
No way

Question: 21/26Pick your answer!

Which of these words stands out to you the most?

Question: 22/26Pick your answer!

Do you like happy endings?
Not if they don't make sense
In life, but not in movies

Question: 23/26Pick your answer!

Which of these is the most important to you?

Question: 24/26Pick your answer!

How do people usually react to you?
They can't work me out
They laugh
They feel all of my emotions

Question: 25/26Pick your answer!

Which of these words best describes your life?

Question: 26/26Pick your answer!

What is your ideal partner like?
Complex and intriguing
Rich and handsome
Kind and funny
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Korean Dramas are some of the most popular TV shows in existence. Whether you're a diehard Korean drama fan or just a casual watcher, chances are at least one of the K-drama series is pretty similar to your actual life. While all K-dramas are a bit unbelievable and over the top at times, they still have a lot of relatable themes when it comes to school, friendship, dating, love, career, hardship, and more. But have you ever thought about which Korean drama actually best represents your life? If your life were a Korean drama, which one would it be? Is you life more like Boys Over Flowers, My Love From the Star, or The Heirs? Take this insanely accurate personality test to find out now! Honestly answer the questions in this accurate personality quiz and we will tell you which K-Drama represents your life the most. What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now to find out what your life is really like.

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