Quiz: How Well Do You Know All Of These Wedding Traditions?

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What's your wedding IQ?

How much do you really know about weddings and all of the traditions, origins, meaning, and symbolism behind them?

 Dec 23, 2018

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something...
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When it is raining on your wedding day it symbolizes good luck.

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Why exchange rings?
It makes the wedding official
It's a visual promise to complete the ceremony
It completes your marriage license

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What happens to the person who catches the bride's bouquet?
She gets to go on the honeymoon!
She will have good luck for 4 years!
She will get married next!

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What do many couples save for their first wedding anniversary?
A frozen side dish
The wedding's serving utensils
The top tier of the cake

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The dress worn by the bride is called a:
Wedding gown
Love Gown
Nupital robe

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What is traditionally thrown at the new couple at the end of an American wedding?
Flower petals

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The person who performs the religious and/or legal ceremony to marry the couple is called the:

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T/F: Wedding guests should always wear white.

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The groom's attendants are called the:

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The bride's main attendant is called the:
Maid of honor
Head bridesmaid

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The flower that the groom and his attendants might wear on their lapels are called:

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Who started the trend of wearing a white wedding dress?
Queen Victoria
Princess Diana

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Which of the following is considered "bad luck" before a wedding?
Not sleeping well
Wearing underwear
Seeing your partner

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On what hand (right or left) is it customary to wear the ring?

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What finger is the ring typically worn on?
The Middle Finger
The Fourth Finger (next to the pinky)
The Pointer Finger (next to the thumb)

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Why is it tradition to use that finger?
It's the "cleanest" finger
People believed this finger had the most direct vein to the heart
You're least likely to lose it on that finger

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The attendants to the bride are called the:
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