Quiz: Can You Actually Score 15/20 On This Ultimate I Love Lucy Test?

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"Lucy...you got some splain' to do..."

See if you remember Lucy Ricardo and her family by taking this quiz and answering questions about their lives.

 Oct 03, 2018

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Where did Lucy and Ricky meet?
In Cuba
At the doctor's office
On a cruise

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Lucy's natural hair color is actually _____________.

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Who's a better singer: Lucy or Ethel?
Neither of them can carry a tune

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What was the name of the factory Ethel and Lucy worked at in the episode "Job Switching"?
Anthony Thomas Chocolates
Kramer’s Kandy Kitchen
Sylvester’s Sweets

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What does the sign in the Fred and Ethel's bedroom say?
Sweet Dreams
Home Sweet Home
His and Hers

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Ethel and Fred are not only friends with the Ricardo's but they're also:
Their co-workers
Their landlords
Co-owners of Ricky's night club

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What is the name of the club where Ricky works?
The Tropicana
The Acapulco
The Paradise

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Ricky is originally from:

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How many middle names does Ethel have?

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Lucy and Ricky have a son who they call _________________ as a nickname.
Big Richard
Little Ricky

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In the episode where Lucy makes a tv commercial, she is advertising for:

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What's the only country Lucy hasn't visited?
The United Kingdom

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Who did Lucy run against for President of their women's club?

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What kind of car did Fred rent when they drove out to California?

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Which kitchen appliance in the Ricardo home malfunctioned on a regular basis?

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In an effort to give Ricky some publicity, Lucy once pretended to be the Maharincess of what fictional nation?

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What was the name of the relative Lucy used in the brand name of her old-fashioned salad dressing?
Aunt Martha
Granny Dee
Cousin Ernie

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What fictitious bodily organ was Lucy in danger of losing when she contracted the Gobgloots from the hind legs of the boo-shoo bird?

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What was the name of the operetta that Lucy composed for the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League?
Sugar Cane Mutiny
Bitter Grapes
The Pleasant Peasant

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What fake charity did Lucy and Ethel concoct in order to raise money for their trip to Europe?
Ladies Overseas Aid
Be a Good Neighbor
Friends of the Friendless
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