Quiz: Only 1% Of Americans Can Define These 22 Tricky Words. Can You?

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Are you a walking dictionary?

Do you actually know the meaning of every one of these difficult vocabulary words? Were you paying attention in English class?

 Dec 06, 2019
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How strong is your vocabulary? Do you love playing scrabble, words with friends, crosswords, and word games? Then take this fun quiz! If you spend a lot of your free time reading and writing, it will show in your knowledge of all the difficult words featured on this exam. We're about to discover just how much of a vocabulary scholar you are through and through. Are you a secret Einstein level genius in disguise and a true certified genius? Are you well spoken or even a writer? Do you have what some would consider a vast vocabulary? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then take this quiz to see how your brain processes words, and see how well you score!

We've given you an assortment of fun but challenging word definition questions. If you guess them correctly, congratulations—you are a wordsmith and English language champion with a knack for proper grammar! If you don't do so well, then you may want to go back to the drawing board, crack open a book or take a few classes to brush up on your language skills. All are welcomed to take this challenge. Let's see if you truly know the meaning of all these tricky words. Hit the play button now and put your brainpower to the ultimate vocab test! Put on your thinking cap and give this quiz a go! It's a great way to tell if your brain is working as well as it should and if your communications are top notch too. Good luck!

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