Only A Real Local Can Ace This Tricky Indiana Quiz. Up For The Challenge?

Hoo Hoo Hoosiers, let's go!

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 Feb 28, 2019
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First things first, Indiana locals are better known as _____ around here.

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Out-of-staters think they know what Indy is short for. But they always get it wrong. Indy is short for ______!
Indiana, the state!
Indianapolis, the city!
Industrious, the word!

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At which of these Indiana universities can you find a bunch of Fighting Irishmen?
Notre Dame

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When it comes to college basketball, the _____ has all your attention.
Big 10
Big 12

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Boilermakers are seriously some of the most dedicated fans around! You can find them at _____.
Notre Dame

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“Hoo hoo” is the battle cry of fans at any _____.
Hootie and the Blowfish concert
IU game
Indy 500 race

Question: 7/18Select The Correct Answer!

Which Indiana city is known as the Crossroads of America?
Fort Wayne

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What sports team would a tried and true Hoosier never be caught cheering for on game day?
The Colts... boo!
The Pacers... boo!
The Bengals... boo!

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If you're at the Colts stadium on game day, you know you're really at _____.
Peyton's Place
Peyton’s Plaza
Peyton’s Palace

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The most legendary basketball player to ever come out of Indiana is probably _____.
James Harden
Michael Jordan
Larry Bird

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What’s your favorite fair food that’s bigger than the bun it’s served on?
Sloppy Joes
Juicy Lucy's
Pork tenderloin

Question: 12/18Select The Correct Answer!

Okay, Hoosiers: how do you pronounce "Terre Haute" the right way?

Question: 13/18Select The Correct Answer!

Only in Indiana is being stuck behind a _____ a legit excuse for being late.
golf cart

Question: 14/18Select The Correct Answer!

When it comes to sandwiches, _____ reigns supreme in Hoosier's minds (or should we say stomachs?)
grilled cheese
pork tenderloin

Question: 15/18Select The Correct Answer!

If you're chowing down on a bag of Chex Mix, peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar, what are you eating?
Grits - yum!
Puppy chow - yum!
Scotcheroos - yum!

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Believe it or not, _____ is a real festive town name in Indiana.
Rudolph Reindeer
Gingerbread Man
Santa Claus

Question: 17/18Select The Correct Answer!

The delicious _____ actually originated in Indiana with the Shaker and Amish communities.
sugar cream pie
cherry cheesecake
red velvet cake

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Leave the _______? Are you crazy? I love it here!
Show Me State
Hoosier State
Garden State | Quiz Facts

Indiana! What a great state. Many know that Indiana is one of the fifty states that make up the United States of America. Nestled in the Midwestern United States. This great state (of a population of around 6.67 million) is truly unique in its customs, lingo, slang, dialect, favorite foods, favorite weekend traditions, sports team loyalties, and general way of life. In way of population, Indiana is the 17th most populous U.S. state. But in terms of land mass, it is only the 38th largest state. It became the 19th state when it joined the United States of America on December 11th, 1816. In the 203 years since that admission to the country, Indiana has gone on to contribute a lot great things to the country. Like Larry Bird, David Letterman, James Dean, and Phil Harris, just to name a few. Indiana is known for so much more than just that handful of celebrities, however. Indiana is know for being Hoo Hoo Hoosiers. For proudly sporting the color red, for housing great universities like the University of Indiana and the University of Notre Dame, and for handling all matters of extreme weather from hot summers to cold winters, and the potholes that come in between. And certainly not to be forgotten, Indianans love a good pork tenderloin that is larger than the plate and bun that it is served on. And don't forget it! If the Pork Tenderloin is not double the bun, it's not worth eating! These are just a few of the lessons to be taken away from Indiana. And if these are familiar, odds are that one possesses a local's knowledge of the great state of Indiana! Up for the challenge?