Quiz: Play "This" Or "That" & We'll Reveal Your Strongest Personality Trait

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Would you rather...

It's time to go with your gut and pick between all of these really difficult choices. Your decisions will reveal a lot about you!

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Did you know that your preferences say a lot about your core personality? It's true! That's why we're about to test your deepest characteristic traits in this ultimate this or that rapid fire test. All you have to do is look at a series of choices and pick one of the two options. Then we will tell you what your dominant personality trait is. If your dominant personality trait is rebellious ambition, you're stubborn, creative, and hate being told what to do. You have a natural tendency to question everything which gives you an independent flair that others are drawn to. You're competitive to your core and a textbook overachiever. You have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on yourself, but you actually have the follow-through to succeed in whatever you set your mind on. If your dominant personality trait is compassionate intelligence, you're warm, kind, and a natural caretaker of others. You feel most fulfilled when you're making a positive difference in the world — whether it be for a friend or for a greater cause. You're smart. You learn things quickly and you're always open and curious to seek out knowledge and new perspectives. Your ability to think out of the box allows you to see things and find solutions in a way that few others can. So who are you deep down in your core? Hit the play button now to find out! Remember to go with your gut and answer as quickly as possible for the most accurate results!

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