Quiz: Only Diehard Fans Of "The Office" Can Finish These Jim Halpert Quotes

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"Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica."

Do you love the hit TV show The Office featuring everyone's favorite character Jim Halpert? How well do you remember his quotes?

 Jul 01, 2019
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Jim Halpert is one of the most likable and relatable characters on The Office. He was hilarious, charming, sarcastic, and romantic. The workplace may not be the most exciting place to be, but there are people out there who make it more entertaining than you could ever imagine. Jim Halpert has always been one of those people. Granted, he's a fictitious character, but the brand of funnys that he brought to the Dunder Mifflin office in The Office, was truly unparalleled. While some of his best moments were when he was joking around and pranking Dwight, he was also a huge romantic when it came to his relationship with Pam. There are so many funny Jim Halpert quotes that it's hard to choose just one as the best. Jim is the office prankster on the show, but he's also a good-hearted and intelligent guy who has some sincerely funny and interesting things to say, which make some of his quotes the most memorable to be spoken on The Office. So just how well do you remember Jim's most hilarious quotes on his boring job, flirting with Pam and his fondness for playing pranks on Dwight Schrute? Can you really finish the words to all of these funny one liners? Let's revisit all the times Jim Halpert's impeccable wit made you LOL while watching TV. We promise that no matter how well you score, you'll be laughing along by the end of this quiz. Have fun, and best of luck to you!

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