40 Years Later, How Well Do You Remember Christopher Reeve's "Superman"?

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Take this movie trivia quiz to see how well you remember "Superman" starring Christopher Reeves, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman!

 Dec 15, 2018
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When Clark Kent was just a baby, his parents sent him away to save him from their dying planet to Earth where he grows up and becomes the greatest superhero his adoptive city has ever had. This 1974 film stars Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman, Margot Kidder as the lovely Lois Lane and Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor in this comic book inspired film that changed the world of cinema. The film earned a Special Achievement Academy Award for Visual Effects and was also nominated for three other awards including Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Music, Original Score by the talented John Williams. To this day, “Superman” is considered the first silver screen hero and has continued to inspire heroes of all ages after forty years!