Quiz: Most Fans Can't Pass This "Stranger Things" Season 2 Quiz. Can You?

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"I always thought stuff like this happened in movies and comic books."

If you've already binge watched Stranger Things Season 2, you should be able to ace this trivia test!

 Jul 07, 2019

1 of 20Pick Your Answer!

What do the boys dress up as for Halloween?
The Ghostbusters
Power Rangers
The Munsters

2 of 20Name The Character!

Stranger Things, tv
Dr. Owens
Officer Callahan
Bob Newby

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What candy bar does Dustin feed D'Art?
Three Musketeers
Charleston Chew

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Which iconic slasher does Max dress up as for Halloween?
Jason Vorhees
Michael Myers
Freddy Krueger

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What is the name of Dustin's turtle?

6 of 20Pick Your Answer!

Mike and Eleven communicate by using what?
Walkie Talkies
Morse code
The phone

7 of 20Name The Character!

Stranger Things, tv
Mr. Clarke
Officer Powell
Murray Bauman

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Eleven finds out that her real name is _______.

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Bob tells Will about a clown who he had nightmares about as a kid. What was the clown's name?
Mr. Baldo

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Stranger Things, tv
Joyce Byers
Terry Ives
Karen Wheeler

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What did Kali make her friend see that made him freak out?

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Dustin comes up with the name, _____________ to call the creatures that D'Art grows into.
Mind Flayer

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Stranger Things, tv
Chief Hopper
Ted Wheeler
Mr. Sinclair

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Kali encourages Eleven to move what heavy object with her powers?
Train Carriage
Fire Truck
Moving Van

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What arcade game does Max knock Dustin off the top of the high scores table on?
Pac Man
Dig Dug
Duck Hunt

16 of 20Name The Character!

Stranger Things, tv
Mrs. Sinclair
Joyce Byers
Terry Ives

17 of 20Pick Your Answer!

What was the Upside Down originally known as?
The Further
The Nether
No Man's Land

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Who founded the AV Club at Hawkins?

19 of 20Name The Character!

tv, Stranger Things, Season 2, 2017, paul reiser as dr. owens
Dr. Martin Brenner
Bob Newby
Dr. Sam Owens

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Who dances with Dustin at the Snow Ball?
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Calling all Stranger Things fanatics! You've already binged the show like 764 times, so surely you're a total expert on the hit Netflix sci-fi series, right? Stranger Things has been the paranormal phenomenon hitting our Netflix screens, and with the release of Season 2, everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting to see what was going to happen to our Demogorgon-fighting kids. You've watched it. You've cried for Bob. You've proclaimed your love for Steve Harrington. You've seen it all: A mysterious pet, a Zoomer, and lots of tunnels. But how well do you remember season two of Stranger Things? If you're a Stranger Things fan, this quiz should be a breeze. No pressure, but if you don't pass this quiz, either the Demogorgon or the Mind Flayer will attack you! Can you really recall the Netflix show's important little details? It's time to test your knowledge of both minor and important facts, such as the name of where Joyce Byers works and what happened to Hopper's daughter. Take the quiz and find out now!

Wondering how well you can do on this Stranger Things quiz? Stranger Things is hit Netflix sci-fi thriller that takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The show stars, to name a few, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Will (Noah Schnapp). The nation fell in love with Stranger Things and it's Eggo waffle-loving telekinetic Eleven. And if you're as obsessed as we are, you're probably trying to figure out how well you remember Season 2 with our Stranger Things quiz! Take this fun Stranger Things trivia quiz to find out if you remember Season 2, really!

Want to know more about Stranger Things? Well, did you know that Stranger Things almost wasn't called that? Yes! According to the creators of the show, Stranger Things was originally supposed to be called Montauk, after a real town in Long Island.

Also, The Montauk Project inspired the show! Allegedly, a government experiment took place in the early '80s and involved kidnapping kids from Long Island to experiment on them.

The real name for the Upside Down is actually Nether, but the name stuck after so many people calling it that on set.

Joe Keery made his character a lot more likable! Steve was originally supposed to be a lot more unpleasant and obnoxious, but Keery's lovable charm steered the character in the direction it is today.

Now, if you want more Stranger Things quizzes, we're always adding more here! Until then, take this Stranger Things Season 2 trivia quiz!