Favorite Or Favourite? Can You Spell In Both American And British English?

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Are you a spelling expert? Cheerio!

How well do you know British versus American spelling? Do you know how to correctly spell words in British and American English?

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So you think you're a true British vs. American spelling expert, huh? Prove it by taking this ultimate British vs. American spelling quiz! Can you spell every single one of these British vs. American words correctly? Or do you need the help of a dictionary to pass this quiz? It's time for a good old fashioned spelling bee. There are some words that trip everyone up (even us experts) when in America versus Britain. Now is your time to prove to the world how strong of a speller you actually are!

You've maybe travelled to both countries, but have you spelled the words? It's time to put your British vs. American spelling skills to the test with this quiz! Do you know Analyse vs. Analyze, or Catalogue vs. Catalog? If you think you have any of these British vs. American spellings down pat, then this is the perfect quiz for you. We know you have it in you to get a perfect score if you focus hard and try your best. Good luck and remember, no cheating allowed!

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