Quiz: You'll Only Get 100% On This Test If You're From The South Atlantic

Can you call yourself a local?

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 Aug 26, 2018
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Question: 1/20Pick your answer!

May through November is what season?
Monsoon Season
Hurricane Season
Tornado Season

Question: 2/20Pick your answer!

In which city did "The Golden Girls" live in Florida?

Question: 3/20Pick your answer!

What is the capital of West Virginia?

Question: 4/20Pick your answer!

NASA's primary launch center of human spaceflight is called:
The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC)
Spaceship Central
NASA's Launchpad

Question: 5/20Pick your answer!

Which famous soft drink was born in North Carolina?

Question: 6/20Pick your answer!

Which body of water borders Florida on the west?
Pacific Ocean
Lake Erie
Gulf of Mexico

Question: 7/20Pick your answer!

What is Florida's nickname?
The Sunshine State
The Grand Canyon State
The Last Frontier

Question: 8/20Pick your answer!

Frogmore Stew usually consists of ___________.
Boiled frogs and beans
Chicken, beans and corn
Seafood and veggies

Question: 9/20Pick your answer!

Which of these occurred in South Carolina?
The signing of the Declaration of Independence.
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
The first shots of the Civil War.

Question: 10/20Pick your answer!

Florida is the largest producer of which kind of fruit?

Question: 11/20Pick your answer!

__________ is the capital of Florida.
New York City
Key West

Question: 12/20Pick your answer!

What's the most famous beach in South Carolina?
Mimsy Beach
Myrtle Beach
Barbara Beach

Question: 13/20Pick your answer!

Myrtle Beach is known as the _____ capital of the world.

Question: 14/20Pick your answer!

Which is NOT a Florida MLB team?
Tampa Bay Rays
Orlando Bears
Miami Marlins

Question: 15/20Pick your answer!

Summerville, SC is the birth place to what southern drink?
Sweet Tea
Coca Cola

Question: 16/20Pick your answer!

Which of the following pastry shops originally came from North Carolina?
Krispy Kreme
Mister Donut
Dunkin Donuts

Question: 17/20Pick your answer!

A burger "all the way" does not contain:
peanut butter

Question: 18/20Pick your answer!

Florida is the southernmost state in the U.S.

Question: 19/20Pick your answer!

The first game of what sport was played in Charleston, SC?

Question: 20/20Pick your answer!

Which city is Disney World located in?
Fort Lauderdale
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This quiz will test your knowledge of the South Atlantic region of the United States. How much do you actually know? Can you call yourself a local?

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