On A Scale Of 1 to Reese Witherspoon, How Much Southern Charm Do You Have?

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 Jun 26, 2018
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Question: 1/20Take your pick, y'all!

If someone says to you, "Aren't you precious?" should you be offended?
Only if you dislike the person
No, you probably did something offensive

Question: 2/20Take your pick, y'all!

If your grandma can see to Christmas, you must be:
Behaving like a saint
Frugal with your money
Wearing revealing clothes like a mini skirt

Question: 3/20Take your pick, y'all!

Complete the phrase: "Bless your ____."

Question: 4/20Take your pick, y'all!

If you're invited to visit someone's home, it's polite to?
RSVP in that very moment
Decline the offer - they didn't actually mean it
Bring a gift for the host!

Question: 5/20Take your pick, y'all!

What's an open door policy?
An insurance policy in case your door breaks
Your door is always open for guests!
When a parent remove's their kids door from the frame

Question: 6/20Take your pick, y'all!

Most people do what with their houses in the South?
Make sure that doors are always locked; you need to watch out for thieves!
Typically leave the doors unlocked
Board up the windows so the house doesn't get too hot

Question: 7/20Take your pick, y'all!

When you pass a stranger, what should you always do in the south?
Introduce yourself
Don't make eye contact and keep moving!
Smile or say hello!

Question: 8/20Take your pick, y'all!

If you're eating dinner with someone you should always?
Try their food first
Eat as soon as you get your food, it shouldn't get cold!
Wait until they have their food before you start eating!

Question: 9/20Take your pick, y'all!

Your neighbor is whining to you about not having a job, what would you do?
Tell them to suck it up and get a job
Tell them how great your job is to inspire them
Be nice to them as much as you can!

Question: 10/20Take your pick, y'all!

If you're in the middle of making a cake but realize you don't have enough sugar, what do you do?
You can go to the store and they'll give you some for free!
You use the communal sugar bin!
You just ask your neighbor if you can borrow some!

Question: 11/20Take your pick, y'all!

If you drive by someone on the road with a flat tire, you would?
Pull over and help them change the tire!
Call the police and let them know to help
Drive past them and wave! That sucks!

Question: 12/20Take your pick, y'all!

Someone new just moved in next door to you! To show hospitality, you?
Get all of your friends together and hold a party in their yard!
Wait for them to come to you, it's rude to just show up!
Bring a cake or other type of delicacy to their door to welcome them!

Question: 13/20Take your pick, y'all!

When your aunt asks for some sugar, what is she really wanting from you?
Words of encouragement
A kiss

Question: 14/20Take your pick, y'all!

If you ask for a beverage in the south, you'll most likely be offered what?
Diet Coke
Orange juice
Sweet tea

Question: 15/20Take your pick, y'all!

In the South, it's very common to spend a lot of time:
in the cellar
On the roof
Out on the porch

Question: 16/20Take your pick, y'all!

After you have dinner at someone's house, it is expected that you:
Will clear out as soon as possible
Do all the dishes
Will stay for awhile to socialize

Question: 17/20Take your pick, y'all!

Southerners love to __________ for others.

Question: 18/20Take your pick, y'all!

Southerners are well known for their ____________.

Question: 19/20Take your pick, y'all!

If someone has you over for dinner in the South, they will likely:
Expect you to come over and cook for them
Have you fix your own plate and clean up after yourself
Fix your plate for you and do the dishes

Question: 20/20Take your pick, y'all!

Which phrase best sums up the attitude of the South?
"What's the hurry?"
"Do it yourself"
"Get shit done!"
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