San Diego Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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How SD savvy are you really?

If you grew up in the San Diego area, then you should be able to pass this ultimate San Diego challenge on the first try!

 Mar 05, 2019

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Believe it or not, the 25th Street bridge actually doubles as a _____.
skate park
musical instrument

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Want to do something fun? Why not take a ride on SD's famous rollercoaster, the _____!
Dolphin Trainer
Tidal Wave
Giant Dipper

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If you and your friends are checking out the Whaley Museum, chances are you're _____.
viewing artwork
reading old books
looking for ghosts

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If you have a sweet tooth, then you know some of the best ice cream is town comes from _____.
Baskin Robbins
Dairy Queen
Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream

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Talk about culture! There are 15 major _____ in Balboa Park alone!

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Any foodie will tell you to order the signature _____ dish at Lolita's. SO GOOD.
nopales cactus
chicken chimichanga
carne asada fries

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If you notice a bunch of small brass circles on San Diego Ave., it's interesting to know what they indicate: _____.
old grave sites
new gas stations
charging stations

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What iconic marathon has its roots in San Diego?
The Jazz Music Marathon
The Country Music Marathon
The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

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If you spend the day at the beaches of La Jolla, you might get lucky and be able to spot some cute _____.

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Drink up! San Diego gets called The Capital of _____ thanks to all the breweries down here!

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If you're driving and see a bunch of old, Victorian houses out your window, you know you're in _____.
La Mesa
Heritage Park
Mission Bay

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What iconic fixture will you find at Bankers Hill?
A suspension bridge
A lighthouse
A pier

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What delicious addition do San Diegans put inside their burritos?
Pickled onions - yum!
French fries - yum!
Fried okra - yum!

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Pretty much every college student takes a road trip across the border to _____ at some point. So. Much. Fun.
Mexico City

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Football fans in SD look forward to the _____ every season.
The Beach Bowl
The Rose Bowl
The Holiday Bowl

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If you want to root, root, root for the home team during baseball season, you better cheer for _____!
The Padres
The Brewers
The Cardinals

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Which savory fast-food chain got its start in San Diego?
Jack in the Box

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Calling all proud nerds and geeks! What popular event is held annually in San Diego?

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Which of these is San Diego's NFL team?
The Packers
The Steelers
The Chargers

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A point of pride among its residents, San Diego has been called the _____ of California and we can see why!
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If you love SD and you aren't afraid to show it, then it's time to wear your pride on your sleeve and take this quiz! Did you know that the 25th Street bridge doubles as a musical instrument? Have you ever ridden on the Giant Dipper roller coaster? Have you ever visited the Whaley Museum to look for ghosts? Have you ever indulged in Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream? Did you know that Balboa Park is home to 15 different major museums? Have you ever tried the famous carne asada fries at Lolita's? Do you know what the small brass circles on San Diego Ave. indicate? Have you ever watched the Rock 'n' Roll marathon? Do you love looking at all the seals on the La Jolla beaches? Do you know why San Diego is nicknamed the Capital of Craft? Have you ever driven down to see the old Victorian houses in Heritage Park? Do you know where the suspension bridge in Bankers Hill is? Have you ever put French fries inside your burrito? Have you ever taken a road trip to Tijuana? Do you enjoy watching the Holiday Bowl every season? Do you root for the Padres or the Chargers win or lose? Are you an avid diner at Jack in the Box? Have you ever attended Comic Con? Did you know that San Diego is considered the birthplace of California? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then we think you have what it takes to make it to the end of this quiz. Then what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and prove you're a total San Diego local through and through! Good luck!