Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Rom-Com Movies By 3 Clues?

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Are you the cupid of rom-coms?

Have you seen every single romantic comedy from the last several decades? Find out if you can identify all of them by just a few hints!

 Feb 10, 2019

1 of 25Name The Movie:

Princess, Undercover, Vespa
The Music Man
Roman Holiday
Annie Hall

2 of 25Name The Movie:

Marriage, White dress, Neighbor
The Seven Year Itch
The Breakfast Club

3 of 25Name The Movie:

Roommates, NYC, Apartment
How to Marry a Millionaire
Roman Holiday
Love Story

4 of 25Name The Movie:

Magazine, Fashion, Bookshop
Annie Hall
The Seven Year Itch
Funny Face

5 of 25Name The Movie:

Gangsters, Shell oil, Florida
Funny Face
Some Like It Hot
The Apartment

6 of 25Name The Movie:

Art, Burglar, Forgery
Annie Hall
The Graduate
How to Steal a Million

7 of 25Name The Movie:

Screenplay, Secretary, Deadline
Barefoot in the Park
The Parent Trap
Paris When It Sizzles

8 of 25Name The Movie:

NYC, Socialite, Cat
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Sweet Home Alabama

9 of 25Name The Movie:

Twins, Camp, Switch
The Parent Trap
West Side Story
Funny Girl

10 of 25Name The Movie:

High School, T-Birds, Pink Ladies

11 of 25Name The Movie:

Showgirls, Diamonds, Marriage
On the Waterfront
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
All About Eve

12 of 25Name The Movie:

Socialite, Divorced, Tabloid
High Society

13 of 25Name The Movie:

Brothers, Girl, Culinary School
My Fair Lady

14 of 25Name The Movie:

Comedian, Relationship, NYC
Love Story
Annie Hall
Notting Hill

15 of 25Name The Movie:

Italian, Widow, Infidelity
Steel Magnolias
High Society

16 of 25Name The Movie:

Princess, Farm Boy, ROUSes
The Princess Bride
Steel Magnolias

17 of 25Name The Movie:

High School, Love Triangle, Prom
Pretty in Pink
Saturday Night Fever

18 of 25Name The Movie:

Nerd, Cheerleader, $1,000
The Breakfast Club
Can't Buy Me Love

19 of 25Name The Movie:

High School, Detention, Cliques
The Breakfast Club

20 of 25Name The Movie:

Road Trip, Friends, New Year's Eve
When Harry Met Sally
You've Got Mail

21 of 25Name The Movie:

High School, Virgin, Birthday
Sixteen Candles
Back to the Future
The Breakfast Club

22 of 25Name The Movie:

Affair, Pregnant, Dating
Look Who's Talking
Some Kind of Wonderful
Sixteen Candles

23 of 25Name The Movie:

Businessman, Escort, Hollywood
Pretty Woman
10 Things I Hate About You
Never Been Kissed

24 of 25Name The Movie:

Actress, London, Bookshop
Notting Hill
Jerry Maguire
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

25 of 25Name The Movie:

AOL, Bookstore, Pen Pals
You've Got Mail
Nine Months
The Wedding Singer
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Are you a rom-com expert? Prove it! Love is in the air... and on the silver screen! Movie addicts, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. They just don't make romantic comedies like they used to. If you consider yourself an expert on all things rom-com, put your film skills to the test. Just know that you may swoon a bit as you take this quiz, just like you undoubtedly did when you first watched Jimmy Stewart sweep Grace Kelly off her feet or Danny and Sandy change to better suit each others' needs. How many of these romantic comedy questions can you get correct? Only a true rom-com genius will be able to guess them all! Have you seen classic rom-coms like Roman Holiday, The Seven Year Itch, How to Marry a Millionaire, Funny Face, Some Like It Hot, How to Steal a Million, Paris When It Sizzles, Breakfast At Tiffany's, The Parent Trap, Grease, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, High Society, Sabrina, Annie Hall, Moonstruck, The Princess Bride, Pretty in Pink, Can't Buy Me Love, The Breakfast Club, When Harry Met Sally, Sixteen Candles, Look Who's Talking, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and You've Got Mail? Are you a sucker for romantic movies? Do you love a good rom-com? Do you go weak at the knees anytime your two favorite characters fall in love with each other and finally kiss for the first time? If you've got a soft spot for romance, then this is the ideal quiz for you! If you're a certified cinema scholar who loves a good love story, step right up and answer all of these tricky movie trivia questions.