Are You More Right-Brained Or Left-Brained? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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Let's see where your cognitive functions fall!

Are you more right brained, left brained, or both? The only way you will find out is by taking this personality test!

 Sep 25, 2020
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Most people tend to use one side of their brain more than the other, creating strong personality traits! Which are you? If you're right brained, you're super curious, and have a wicked imagination, which means you're drawn to things like art, performance, and music. You can also be impulsive, and tend to follow your heart more than your head. People love you for your creativity and independent spirit. Your appreciate for something has more to do with its beauty and aesthetic than its quantifiable worth. You also have many ways of expressing yourself and thrive in environments where there's room for nuance. If you're left brained, you're smart and logical, and would never trust your gut over the facts. You're an amazing planner and probably throw the best dinner parties ever, because you always pay attention to detail. Plus, you can be just as creative as your right-brained counterparts, you just focus on the smaller details first. You're governed by logic and reason. You tend to face your problems from a reasonable distance without clouding your thoughts with emotion. People turn to you for your pragmatic way of thinking. If you're equally right and left brained, you're a dreamer but also find the balance with the left brain's more logical side. This keeps you out of too much trouble, while also indulging in your more creative impulses. It must be awesome to be you! You're someone who exercises versatility, balancing logic with emotion and reason with intuition. This flexibility allows you to thrive most environments, whether they're structured or creative. So which side of your brain do you wake up on in the morning? Find out with this test!

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