Quiz: You’ll Only Score 15/15 On This Test If You Have A Mexican Family

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Think you can ace this quiz? ¡Ándale!

How well do you know the culture of Mexican-American families? Do you really have Mexico in your blood?

 Jan 03, 2017
1 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What is a tamale?
seafood served with a spicy salsa
sausage and rice dish
seasoned meat wrapped in cornmeal dough & steamed in corn husks
2 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What food group does carnitas belong to?
3 of 15Pick the correct answer!
"Huevos" is the Spanish word for what popular Mexican food?
4 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What type of bread is used to make a torta?
5 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Which of these fruits will you find in a pastor taco?
6 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If you go to the store and buy "Guerrero," you're really purchasing __________.
7 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Rubí and Dos Mujeres un Camino are examples of __________.
mariachi bands
Quinceñera themes
8 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Who are your abuelo and abuela?
Grandpa and grandma
Brother and sister
Uncle and aunt
9 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Who sings the popular hit single "Volver"?
Vicente Fernandez
10 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If your mom cooked carne asada, she made __________.
11 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What is it called when you ate bread with baby figurines stuck inside on January 6th?
12 of 15Pick the correct answer!
On January 5th, you write a letter to __________ and put it in a shoe.
Los Reyes Magos
El Chapulin Colorado
Papa Noel
13 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Who are Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas?
Telenovela stars
Univision news anchors
Mariachi singers
14 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Your tía and tío are your __________.
grandmother and grandfather
aunt and uncle
sister and brother
15 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What were superhero El Chapulin Colorado's colors?
Blue and green
Purple and orange
Red and yellow
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