Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Street Smarts Test If You've Lived In Chicago

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Are you Chicago street savvy?

How well do you know the streets, geography, locations, and directions of the city of Chicago? Can you call yourself a street savvy local?

 Jun 23, 2018
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Living in a big city can be hard - especially a busy, bustling, exciting place like Chicago. In the case of Chicago, there are so many different streets, trains, buildings, and places that can end up feeling very overwhelming. But if you're a true Chicago local (or maybe even just visited a few times), you probably know the city like the back of your hand! This quiz is the ultimate opportunity for Chicago residents and other Americans alike to challenge their knowledge of Chicago living – and enjoy a fun quiz while doing it!

Whether you're from Evanston, Arlington Heights, or Wrigleyville, as a Chicago local you know that you've got your own way of cruising through town. People sometimes act like Chicago isn't a big Metropolitan area - but you know that they're wrong. From the Deep Dish pizza, to the Bean, to the "L" train, there is a lot going on in Chicago! This quiz is the perfect opportunity to prove that you know your stuff.

There are thousands of yummy Chicago foods - pizza, popcorn, and hot dogs, to name a few! But there's a whole lot more to Chicago than food. Do you know how to get from Chicago O'Hare airport to downtown? Do you know where Northwestern University is located? Do you even know what the North Loop is?? Well, we are about to find out! This quiz asks you about everything important that a TRUE Chicagoan should know - and in order to prove you're a real resident, you better ace this test!

With questions like "The Chicago Cubs baseball field is located in __________." or "If your friends want to meet up at the "Sears Tower" where are they really going?", this quiz is the ultimate opportunity to show off your Chicago expertise. Not often do you have the chance to challenge the wealth of knowledge that you've accumulated throughout your time in Chi-Town, but this quiz will really test your street smarts!

Being from the Chicago, you know that you have immense pride in your hometown, and you love the city that you live in. That's why we're certain that after taking this test, you'll know for sure that you're as Chicago as they come. People from Chicago, no doubt, have a special way of living, and this quiz will remind you how much you love The Windy City!

Click the "Let's Play" button to answer some fun questions about the ultimate Chicago lifestyle, and take this test to see if you have got what it takes to be a true Chicago resident. We're sure that by the end of it, you'll be boasting to your friends that you're as Chicago as they come! Living in Chicago is something that you should be proud of, so take this test, and don't forget to share the results with your friends to see if they know Chicago street smarts too!