Quiz: Can You Actually Score 15/15 On This Goonies Test?

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Warner Bros.

“First, you gotta do the truffle shuffle.”

How well do you remember The Goonies produced Steven Spielberg, starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Jeff Cohen?

 May 26, 2017
1 of 15What is the name of the dance that Mouth makes Chunk do?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
The Truffle Shuffle
The Popsicle Hop
The Cake Walk
2 of 15Who is the smartest inventor in the Goonie group?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
3 of 15Chunk has a special ability do to what?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Tell what type of pizza is in the house
Eat an entire cake in one sitting
Recite the ABC's backwards
4 of 15Where do the Goonies find the treasure map?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
In the country club basement
In the woods
In Mikey’s attic
5 of 15To which pirate does the treasure map the Goonies find belong?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Silver Teeth
Rummy Roger
One-Eyed Willy
6 of 15What kind of criminals are the Fratellis?
bank robbers
serial killers
7 of 15Where do The Goonies go to hide from The Fratellis?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
a tunnel underneath a restaurant
a cave by the beach
an abandoned trail
8 of 15What do the Fratelli’s threaten Chunk with to get him to talk?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Putting his hands in a blender
Stealing his clothes
His family
9 of 15How does Chunk escape the basement?
the av club
He uses a magic carpet to fly away
He finds a key under the mat
He befriends Sloth
10 of 15What is the name of the pirate ship the Goonies find?
The Black Pearl
11 of 15Who comes to save the Goonies from walking the plank?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Sloth and Chunk
Brand’s parents
12 of 15What happens when the Fratelli's try to loot the boat?
The police find them
They disappear into thin air
A booby trap triggers
13 of 15What is the last test the Goonies have to do to escape?
the goonies, 80s, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Play a sequence of notes on an organ
Fake their own death
Guess the names of the dead pirates
14 of 15Rosalita finds _______ in Mikey's wet clothes.
digital spy
a marble bag full of gems
the treasure map
the deed to the house
15 of 15What do the Goonies use the treasure for?
To help save their homes from foreclosure
To afford to go to college
To buy expensive cars
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