Pretty Woman Is Coming To Broadway! Quiz: Can You Finish The 12 Best Lines?

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"BIG mistake."

See if you're a real Pretty Woman fan by reading the beginning of the famous movie quotes and choosing the correct ending.

 Sep 26, 2017
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People put you down enough... start to believe it. feel bad about yourself. tell them not to.
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I can do anything I want to baby...
...I look like this.
...I work for myself.
...I ain't lost.
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People's reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic...
...they either love it or they hate it. becomes a part of their soul.
...some can’t stand it.
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Slippery little...
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You and I are such similar creatures, Vivian...
...we both need to find happiness.
...we both work long hours.
...we both screw people for money.
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But never in all the time that I had this dream did the knight say to me...
...“I’ll pay you $3000 a week.”
...“I’ll take you back to my hotel.”
..."Come on, baby, I'll put you up in a great condo."
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You make $100 an hour and you have a... pin holding your boot up?
...wad of cash in your shoe? outfit like that?
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You sure don't fit in down on the Boulevard lookin' like you do.... you’ve changed.
...not that you ever did. you’re in love.
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Big mistake. Big...
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I'm gonna treat you so nice...’ll be back for more.'re never gonna let me go.’ll miss me every day.
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I want the…
…happily ever after
…fairy tale
…happy ending
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So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her?…
…She rescues him right back.
…She says thank you.
…She tells him she loves him.
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