Quiz: There’s No Excuse For Scoring Less Than 80% On This U.S. History Test

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Are you a true U.S. historian? Prove it!

Find out how much you know about US history by taking this quiz and answering questions about the Civil War and other key historical events.

 Jul 23, 2018

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This "Great War" pitted the Central Powers vs. Allied Powers.
The Civil War
Desert Storm

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Flappers can be associated with which decade?

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Which U.S President was involved in the Watergate scandal?
John F. Kennedy
Donald J. Trump
Richard Nixon

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Which U.S President issued the Emancipation Proclamation?
James Madison
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln

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The Red Scare during the 40s and 50s was the fear of the spread of ______.
Black Plague

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What were the underground bars called during the Prohibition?
Dancing Diners

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What "Giant Leap for Mankind" happened in 1969?
First manned spaceflight
First moon landing
First woman in space

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Who gave the iconic I Have A Dream speech?
Indira Ghandi
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcom X

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Roe V. Wade was a Supreme Court Case regarding...
Separation of Church and School

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The Battle of Gettysburg took place during which war?
War of Independence
Civil War
Vietnam War

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Where did the Gold Rush occur?
New York

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Who was the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad?
Harriet Tubman
Harry Treeman
Harrison Thomas

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Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?
Betsey Ross
‎Francis Scott Key‎
Paul Revere

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There were originally ____ colonies in the U.S.

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Which document begins with "We the People..."?
The Constitution
Legion Code
Pursuit of Land

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Rosa Parks was arrested after she refused to do what?
Buy a bus ticket
Wait in line for the bus
Give up her seat on the bus

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____ was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
Ingrid Bergman
Maya Angelou
Amelia Earhart

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Which was the last US state to join the country?
New Mexico

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Abraham Lincoln gave his most famous speech in what city?
Washington, D.C.
Lincoln, Nebraska
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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The Wright Brothers were the very first people to build what vehicle?

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Benjamin Franklin was one of America's _____.
Missing Men
Leaving Lads
Founding Fathers

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Neil Armstron was the first man to walk on _____.
the moon
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US history is an important subject that is sometimes not taken as seriously as it should be. There are several key dates, figures and events featuring throughout the history of the United States that have majorly influenced the society Americans enjoy today, and should be remembered. Some of the major events in the history of the United States include the arrival of early explorers like Erik the Red and Christopher Columbus, the arrival of early settlers and pilgrims, the early days as a colony still attached to England and other European powers, and the trials faced by Native Americans after settlement. Other major events include the breakaway from Britain and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War and abolition of slavery, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the initial isolation policy of the United States followed by the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and then the United States entering World War Two and other wars as the years continued, including the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. Some of the most influential figures in the history of the United States include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, Meeriwhether Lewis and William Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Richard Nixon and Barack Obama. To pass this quiz on US history, answer questions such as "Which U.S. state was the last one to ratify the abolition of slavery in the 1990s?", "Canada sold what to the United States in 1885?", "Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?" and "The discovery of gold in California brought how many people from all over the world to hunt for gold?"