Quiz: Prove You're Really Portuguese In 15 Questions!


Got that crazy Portugal family root in ya? Let's see how much you really know!

From holiday traditions, midnight mass, and great family and food - Portugal families are one of a kind! Think you got what it takes?

 Dec 07, 2017
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What does "obrigado" mean?
Thank you
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What is the capital of Portugal?
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What is the dish 'caldo verde'?
Kale & Potato Soup
Cheese Biscuit Appetizer
Chocolate Souffle
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In June, festivities dedicated to three saints known as ___________ take place all over Portugal.
Lado Poulo
Fado Roba
Santos Populares
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What is the most popular sport in Portugal?
Football (Soccer)
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What kind of government does Portugal have?
Authoritarian Regime
Parliamentary Democracy
Universal Politics
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What is "fado"?
A type of food
A genre of music
A man
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The majority of Portuguese families belong to what religion?
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Children normally write letters to ________ on Christmas Eve.
Their deceased family members
Santa Claus
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If a party ends in a fight you might say...
mas lento que una caravana de cojos
Como el Rosario de la Aurora
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If you want someone to be bluntly honest with you, you'd say...
a mi plín
a calzón quitao
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When you literally just don't care, you say...
ñoña es!
a mi plín
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