Quiz: If You Get 10/15 On This Quiz, You Must Be An Introvert

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Are you an introvert?

Do you like spending time alone? Do you shy away from parties and large groups of people Do you have a small number of close friends?

 Dec 16, 2016
1 of 15Pick the right answer.
At a party you are....
socializing with other people
watching the party from a corner alone
making tons of new friends
2 of 15Pick the right answer.
you don't know any people, you don't leave your house
like you a lot
think you are a blast to be around
3 of 15Pick the right answer.
You would prefer to be ___.
a follower
not involved
a leader
4 of 15Pick the right answer.
Introverts are influenced by the _____ world.
5 of 15Pick the right answer.
Introverts get their energy from ______.
alone time
interactions with others
red bull
6 of 15Pick the right answer.
The following jobs would be best for an introvert EXCEPT
freelancer from home
7 of 15Pick the right answer.
The extrovert/introvert personality description was created by _____.
Carl Jung
8 of 15Pick the right answer.
You are _____ to get to know.
9 of 15Pick the right answer.
You solve problems by ______.
ignoring them
discussing them
10 of 15Pick the right answer.
Group work is _____.
a chance to shine
your favorite way to learn
11 of 15Pick the right answer.
When you are alone too much, you feel ____.
12 of 15Pick the right answer.
are fairly impulsive
act before thinking
think things through
13 of 15Pick the right answer.
Which of the following are qualities of introverts?
shyness, quiet, homebody
enthusiastic, friendly, and out-going
talkative, sociable, action-oriented
14 of 15Pick the right answer.
People wrongly judge introverts as:
show offs
15 of 15Pick the right answer.
also need socialization
never need socialization
never need alone time
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