Quiz: Only A Devout Catholic Will Know All 16 Of These Religious Terms

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Are you as holy as you think you are? Amen!

How well do you actually know Catholic words, slang, expressions, and prayers of Catholicism, the Church, and Christianity?

 Apr 13, 2017
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What goes hand in hand with Christmas Eve?
Midnight Mass
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What's a "wafer"?
Flavorless holy bread
Someone who is uncertain
A vanilla flavored cookie
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What does "sanctus, sanctus, sanctus" mean?
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Holy, holy, holy
Stop, stop, stop
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What is "Corpus Christi"?
A type of bread
The body of Christ
The best wine to drink at church
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Who are the evangelists?
The writers of the gospels
Followers of Pope Francis
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"Peace be with you..."
You too!
And with your spirit
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What is part of the "collection" during mass?
Adding your monetary donation to the basket
Going to the front of the church and dancing
Eating meat during lent
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What is "Easter"?
Easter bunny
The Ressurection of Christ
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What is a "disciple"?
Those who do not believe in the Holy Spirit
A choir singer
Those who accepted Jesus' message to follow him
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What is the "diocese"?
Holy Communion
The place where a baptism is held
A district of the Church headed by a bishop
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The rites of baptism, confirmation, the Eucharist, penance, anointing of the sick, etc. are all examples of:
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What is "the rosary"?
Flowers at mass
Where you go for confession
Form of prayer named for the string of beads
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Which prayer forms the basis of the Rosary?
Hail Antonius
Hail Mary
Hail Anthony
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What is the response when you are given communion?
Thank you
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What is "Mass"?
An amount of people
Church service
A scientific amount
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What is "lent"?
A delicious snack served after mass
When you confess your sins to the priest
The period of time before Easter when you give up something
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