Quiz: Only A German-American Can Ace This Krampus Test

Have you been naughty or nice?

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 Dec 12, 2016
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Question: 1/10Krampus is also known as __________.

culture, pop culture
the Bad Santa
the Shadow of Saint Nicholas
The Monster with Hooves

Question: 2/10Krampus is best described as a __________.

culture, pop culture
half-goat, half-demon
half-horse, half-man
half-bull, half-ghost

Question: 3/10What does Krampusnacht mean?

culture, pop culture
Krampus Night
Krampus Knows
Krampus Nicholas

Question: 4/10While the Feast of St. Nick is on December 6, Krampusnacht occurs on _____.

culture, pop culture
December 17
December 25
December 5

Question: 5/10While Saint Nicholas rewards good kids with gifts, what does Krampus do?

culture, pop culture
Punish bad kids with coal, whippings, or worse.
Suck the souls out of bad kids
Send bad kids to work in the North Pole

Question: 6/10In addition to punishing bad kids, Krampus also punishes _____.

culture, pop culture
those who forget to leave their stockings out
those who regift their Christmas presents
those who lose their Christmas spirit

Question: 7/10As a reminder to not lose Christmas spirit, Krampus may leave behind ___.

culture, pop culture
a creepy elf doll
a broken Christmas toy
a bauble inscribed with his name

Question: 8/10Krampus often carries __________ with him.

culture, pop culture
candy canes and gum drops
chains and bells
stockings and presents

Question: 9/10Krampus may swat children with ruten or use a sack / basket to ____.

culture, pop culture
take all the evil children's toys away
steal the good children's toys
carry off evil children for drowning, eating, or transport to Hell

Question: 10/10It is customary to offer Krampus what alcoholic beverage?

culture, pop culture
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