Quiz: Only A Baby Boomer Will Be Able To Name All These Vintage Sitcoms

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Are you a true vintage TV fan? Prove it!

This quiz will test your knowledge of classic TV shows and sitcoms. How many of them do you actually know by one image?

 May 16, 2018

1 of 40Name the sitcom!

Beverly Hillbillies, pop culture, movies/tv
My Favorite Martian
The Beverly Hillbillies
Petticoat Junction

2 of 40Name the sitcom!

Leave it to Beaver, movies/tv, pop culture
Leave It To Beaver
The Avengers
The Real McCoys

3 of 40Name the sitcom!

Green Acres
The Carol Burnett Show
Route 66
Green Acres

4 of 40Name the sitcom!

The Ed Sullivan Show, pop culture, movies/tv
What's My Line?
The Ed Sullivan Show
The Dean Martin Show

5 of 40Name the sitcom!

Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's Island
60 Minutes
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

6 of 40Name the sitcom!

The Flintstones, movies/tv, pop culture
American Bandstand
The Flintstones
Sesame Street

7 of 40Name the sitcom!

I Dream of Jeannie, pop culture, movies/tv
I Dream of Jeannie
The Virginian
Lost in Space

8 of 40Name the sitcom!

The Addams Family, movies/tv, pop culture
The Munsters
The Jack Benny Program
The Adams Family

9 of 40Name the sitcom!

Lassie, movies/tv, home, pop culture
The Lucy Show

10 of 40Name the sitcom!

Star Trek
Dobie Gillis

11 of 40Name the sitcom!

Andy Griffith Show, pop culture, movies/tv
The Andy Griffith Show
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Petticoat Junction

12 of 40Name the sitcom!

bewitched, movies/tv, pop culture
Mr. Ed
I Dream of Jeanie

13 of 40Name the sitcom!

the brady bunch, movies/tv, family
The Brady Bunch
The Dick Cavett Show

14 of 40Name the sitcom!

MASH, M*A*S*H, TV Shows, 70s, 70s tv shows, movies/tv
20th Television
Captain Kangaroo

15 of 40Name the sitcom!

70s, 70s tv, 70s shows, Three's Company, movies/tv
General Hospital
Perry Mason
Three's Company

16 of 40Name the sitcom!

Laverne & Shirley, 70s, 70s tv, 70s shows, movies/tv
The Andy Griffith Show
The Brady Bunch
Laverne & Shirley

17 of 40Name the sitcom!

All in the Family, 70s, 70s tv, 70s shows, movies/tv, relationships
All in the Family
Knots Landing

18 of 40Name the sitcom!

doctor who, 70s tv show, 70s tv, 70s shows, family, movies/tv
I Dream of Jeannie
Gilligan's Island
Doctor Who

19 of 40Name the sitcom!

Family Affair, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, movies/tv, pop culture, culture, family, home
Three's Company
Family Affair
The Waltons

20 of 40Name the sitcom!

Starsky & Hutch, Friends, 70s, 70s shows, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, movies/tv, relationships
Starsky & Hutch
Looney Tunes
Hawaii Five-O

21 of 40Name the sitcom!

Soul Train, 70s, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, 70s tv, movies/tv
The Ed Sullivan Show
All in the Family
Soul Train

22 of 40Name the sitcom!

wonder woman, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv, relationships, Music, pop culture
Warner Bros. Television
Mission: Impossible FOLLOW
Doctor Who
Wonder Woman

23 of 40Name the sitcom!

One Day at a Time, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv, family
The Brady Bunch
Dark Shadows FOLLOW
One Day at a Time

24 of 40Name the sitcom!

Love Boat, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, Music
Three's Company
Good Times
Love Boat

25 of 40Name the sitcom!

little house on the prairie, movies/tv
Good Times
Little House on the Prairie
The Hollywood Squares

26 of 40Name the sitcom!

taxi, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, Music
Hogan's Heroes

27 of 40Name the sitcom!

Dark Shadows, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv
Get Smart
Here Come the Brides
Dark Shadows

28 of 40Name the sitcom!

Mary Tyler Moore Show, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv
Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Odd Couple

29 of 40Name the sitcom!

The Carol Burnett Show, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv
Mission: Impossible
Dream of Jeannie
The Carol Burnett Show

30 of 40Name the sitcom!

American Bandstand, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv
American Bandstand
Captain Kangaroo

31 of 40Name the sitcom!

The Hulk, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Sanford and Son
The Incredible Hulk

32 of 40Name the sitcom!

Different Strokes, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, movies/tv, family
Diff'rent Strokes
The High Chaparral
Family Matters

33 of 40Name the sitcom!

Charlie's Angels, 70s, 70s tv, 70s tv shows, 70s shows, beauty, movies/tv
Charlie's Angels
Tom and Jerry
Black Sheep Squadron FOLLOW

34 of 40Name the sitcom!

The Odd Couple
Miami Vice

35 of 40Name the sitcom!

Married with Children
The Jeffersons

36 of 40Name the sitcom!

Mork & Mindy
Happy Days
The Facts of Life

37 of 40Name the sitcom!

Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Will & Grace, cheers, movies/tv
Family Ties
I Love Lucy
The Golden Girls

38 of 40Name the sitcom!

#TheGoldenGirls, #GoldenGirls, #Classic, ClassicTV, #NBC, #TVLand, #BettyWhite, #BeaArthur, #RueMcClanahan, #EstelleGetty, movies/tv, pop culture, relationships, sex
The Golden Girls
Three's Company
Charlie's Angels

39 of 40Name the sitcom!

The Partridge Family, 70s, movies/tv
Columbia Pictures Television
Modern Family
The Brady Bunch
The Partridge Family

40 of 40Name the sitcom!

cheers, characters, movies/tv
CBS Paramount Television
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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